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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

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Italian: Le 10 Migliori Strutture delle Frasi per i Principianti
English: Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners
In this lesson, you will learn the Top 10 Italian Sentence Patterns for Beginners. Even though you may already know some Italian vocabulary, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to string together coherent sentences. This lesson will break down the key components of 10 basic Italian sentence patterns, while also giving you an example of each one. Take your Italian to the next level by formulating clear, well-organized Italian sentences!

P.S. Be sure to click on the links below to take relevant lessons to learn even more about each sentence pattern!
Mi chiamo [A].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Mi chiamo [A].
- English: My name is [A].

■ Example

- Entry: Mi chiamo Cristina.
- English: My name is Cristina.
Io sono [A] (adjective or noun).
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Io sono [A] (adjective or noun).
- English: I am [A] (adjective or noun).

■ Example

- Entry: Io sono italiana
- English: I am Italian.
Io ho [A] (noun).
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Io ho [A] (noun).
- English: I have [A] (noun).

■ Example

- Entry: Io ho un cane.
- English: I have a dog.
Dov'è [A] (noun)?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Dov'è [A] (noun)?
- English: Where is [A] (noun)?

■ Example

- Entry: Dov'è la stazione?
- English: Where is the station?
Da dove [A(verb)] [B(noun)]?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Da dove [A(verb)] [B(noun)]?
- English: Where [A(verb)] [B(noun)] from?

■ Example

- Entry: Da dove arriva Juan?
- English: Where is Juan from?
Io vivo a [A(noun)], in [B(noun)].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Io vivo a [A(noun)], in [B(noun)].
- English: I live in [A(noun)], in [B(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Io vivo a Roma, in Italia.
- English: I live in Rome, in Italy.
Che cosa [A(verb)] [B(noun)]?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Che cosa [A(verb)] [B(noun)]?
- English: What [A(verb)] [B(noun)]?

■ Example

- Entry: Che cosa fa Maria?
- English: What does Maria do?
Mi piace [A] (verb or noun).
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Mi piace [A] (verb or noun).
- English: I like [A] (verb or noun).

■ Example

- Entry: Mi piace la pizza.
- English: I like pizza.
Vorrei [A] (verb or noun).
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Vorrei [A] (verb or noun).
- English: I'd like [A] (verb or noun).

■ Example

- Entry: Vorrei viaggiare in Italia.
- English: I'd like to travel in Italy.
Quant'è [A] (noun)?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Quant'è [A] (noun)?
- English: How much is [A] (noun)?

■ Example

- Entry: Quant'è la borsa?
- English: How much is the bag?
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