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Wednesday at 07:33 PM
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Ahhhhh I should have said no internet!


What about "calzone"?

Wednesday at 07:16 PM
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From what I've found on the internet, calzoni is another way to say pants/trousers. Apparently it has its Latin origin from the word calceus - shoe?

How did I do?

Wednesday at 06:38 PM
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Dear Neil,

Yes you said it correctly!

1. Personally I would use maglia for anything I'd use if it is chilly or cold. Other Italians disagree and say that maglia is something like a T-shirt. Maglione has the "one" part, making it very big/heavy. Maglietta on the other hand ends in "etta", for this reason I would call any T-shirt maglietta.

To give you a more direct answer: maglia and maglione differ on the "heaviness" and "warmth". The heavier and warmer one would be "maglione".

Please note that you can have both a "maglia di lana" and "maglione di lana"

I'm sure you can tell me what "lana" is!

2. Also in this case we must note that "calze" (not "calzo") is the normal way to call socks. It's singular form is "calza".

When we want to talk about some short or small socks we can say "calzini"

I now have a question for you.

What is are "calzoni"? And no they are not the ones you can eat!

Saturday at 10:47 PM
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Ho due domande. (I have two questions. - i said that correctly in Italian?)

1.Can you say maglia for sweater also in place of maglione? Or is maglione a type of maglia?

2. I had learned socks to be calzini and sock to be calzo. Is there a correct one or is it a case of "it doesn't really matter people know what you mean."

Thanks for another great video vocab. I love these!