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Tuesday at 11:19 AM
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Ciao Courtenay,

thank you very much for your comment and feedback, we'll keep it in mind for the next video lessons.

Grazie mille e buona giornata! :grin:


Friday at 04:05 AM
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I love these vocabulary flashcards, but I would really like to see the gender of the nouns ... that way when I memorize the words I also memorize the gender at the same time, ie, la farmacia, la banca, il negozio..... Grazie!

Wednesday at 05:05 PM
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Good idea!

We'll try to implement it in future lessons.

Buona giornata.


a. damelio
Monday at 10:46 PM
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great idea! ...but why post the English translation if the picture tells you what it is. Not necessary!!! You'll learn faster without it. ...just a thought.