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Tuesday at 01:08 PM
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Ciao Simon,

:smile: "Melone d'acqua" was actually used in some Southern Italy's dialects, so probably many people would understand! :thumbsup::grin:

A presto,


Team ItalianPod101.com

Friday at 08:40 PM
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Cocomero/ anguria รจ una parole molta difficile a imparare! Gli altri non sono problemi, ma non mai ricorderรฒ cocomero/anguria! Invece, credo di dire 'melone di acqua'!!

Cocomero/ anguria is a very difficult word to learn! The others are not a problem, but I will never remember Cocomero/ anguria! Instead, I know that I will say 'melone di acqua'!!

Thursday at 11:16 AM
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Hi Robert,

Although most of the fruit are feminine like "la mela" (apple), "la pera" (pear), etc, "ananas" is one of the few exceptions and it is masculine. Some other exception are "'il fico", "il limone", "il cedro" - fig, lemon, and citron. Hope that helps, cheers :)