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TC Love
Monday at 12:04 AM
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You need to split your Italian lessons for specific learning groups. Beginners only, Intermediate only and Advanced only. When you mix them up they become confusing and some of what's being taught doesn't pertain to any real time experiences. I visit Italy once a year and what I've picked up lately isn't useful. What is helpful is: ordering from a menu. Taking a city bus without getting on the wrong one. Asking questions in a museum environment. Asking detailed directions and understanding what the response may be. As for the video lessons? Not useful. I don't know too many people going to Italy to visit a zoo. Use the videos for Art, History, or things that would interest a tourist. How about a tour through a grocery store or open market. THIS is where I pick up useful tips because the vendors will go out of their way to explain their wares in both languages to a tourist and make it fun.