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Gabriella: Want to completely understand the language you hear in every lesson? Here’s how!
Gabriella: Welcome to Innovative Language.com Sunday News! I'm Gabriella and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Gabriella: In this Sunday News, we give you tips on how to fully understand and master the language in every lesson - plus learn about an upcoming discount to help you learn more for less!
Gabriella: So, in every lesson, you know that we repeat the dialogue, we translate it...
Peter: We do. And you can repeat along if you want. This, ALONE, seriously improves your language by far.
Gabriella: BUT there’s a lot more you can do to master the language in each lesson.
Peter: For example - there are some amazing features in the new lesson player we released last month
Gabriella: And we didn’t get to talk about much them yet, Peter.
Peter: Right, so we’ll get into it right now, listeners.
Gabriella: So how do you completely understand the language in each lesson? We’ll tell you how.
Peter: But first, listen up! There’s an upcoming sale that we don’t want you to miss out on.
Gabriella: It’s the Summer Survival Sale! Learn language for less and save 30% on all Basic and Premium Subscriptions!
Peter: Unlock our learning system by Friday, July 26th 2013 to get this discount
Gabriella: With Premium, our most popular plan, you get unlimited access - all lessons, lesson notes, and premium study tools.
Peter: And with Basic, our most affordable option, you unlock the basics - the lessons and the lesson notes
Gabriella: So if you’re on the site right now, click on the link in the lesson description to upgrade.
Peter: The link is just below the lesson player. Click it and save 30% on all Basic and Premium subscriptions!
Gabriell: Alright. Here’s how you take full advantage and understand each lesson completely.
Peter: First... our brand new lesson player..
Gabriella: You can slow down the conversation dialogue with that right?
Peter: That’s right Gabriella. And listeners, that’s the first tip. Look for the 1X button in the lesson player to slow down the conversation.
Gabriella: And that way, you can hear every word...slowly..and clearly...
Peter: In fact, you can also rewind to hear it all again. Second tip, the PDF lesson notes.
Gabriella: These give you the complete lesson in writing so you can read along as you listen.
Peter: This is so great because no word or grammar point will ever escape you. Just read along!
Gabriella: We’ve added in the lesson scripts, the wordlists, and grammar into the lesson notes for every lesson.
Peter: And you can get the lesson notes with any Basic or Premium subscription.
Gabriell: Thirdly... there’s the line by line audio which you can find in the Lesson Materials section
Peter: It’s incredibly useful listeners. You get the conversation line by line.
Gabriella: So you can read and listen to each line again and again until it’s stuck in your head!
Peter: Gabriella, don’t forget, listeners can ALSO use this for their pronunciation skills.
Gabriella: Ah, right! Hearing something again and again can really help you perfect your accent.
Peter: And listeners, you can do the same for vocabulary!
Gabriella: There’s the audio vocabulary list too - which you can use the same way, or use it with our word bank and flashcards!
Peter: Finally... the best thing you can do to master the conversation is to shadow it.
Gabriella: Do you mean... copy what you hear?
Peter: Exactly. Use the lesson alone, or lesson notes or the line by line audio... and repeat the lines out loud as you hear them .
Gabriella: That will get you speaking and remembering what you’ve learned instantly.
Peter: So listeners... take these tips and put them to use. Also let us know how you use the lessons in the comments.
Gabriella: And if you want to unlock all our lessons, lesson notes and save 30%...
Peter: The time is now. Your discount is instantly applied when you click the link in the lesson description!
Gabriella: Click on it and get 30% off Premium - our most popular plan and the fast track to fluency
Peter: Or save 30% on Basic, our most affordable plan
Gabriella: Remember, this deal ends Friday, July 26th 2013
Gabriella: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Gabriella: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.


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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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You’ve heard our tips. Now tell us yours! How do you use ItalianPod101.com lessons to improve?

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Ciao Luca,

Wow, what a great method yu're sharing, this is impressive!

Really complete and helpful for all the other listeners, and I'm pretty sure you'll get fluent very soon too, working this way!

Grazie mille per il tuo commento!

Ciao e a presto!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Luca Deon
Sunday at 08:31 PM
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Here is how I use the lessons!

1. Listen to the 'Dialogue' on its own, jotting down recognised vocabulary/ sentences to help with listening comprehension. Toggle with the speed button, and try to understand as much as possible.

2. Now look at the vocabulary list for the lesson. Because you have used your auditory skills before in trying to pick out phrases/words, now improve your visual skills by looking at the words.

3. Listen to the lesson with lesson notes. Speak aloud as much as possible, repeating vocabulary and phrases to master them quicker. Because you have already recognised some vocabulary, listening and repeating aloud with help improve pronunciation.

4. Listen to the Dialogue on its own again, making sure you understand the majority of it (and usually, with all the steps above, you completely understand it!).

5. Practise with the review track, making sure you get as much right as possible. If you don't get them all right, stay positive. There are still many more steps to complete.

6. Use the line-by-line audio transcript to help auditory skills. Try repeating the sentences with the native speakers to improve pronunciation. Do this as many times as possible to help improve speaking/listening skills. Now go on to the English translation. Look at the sentence in English, say it in Italian, and then click to the listen button next to the phrase. Did you get the sentence correct?

7. Now the dialogue should be alive in your brain, and now its time to learn the vocabulary. Go to the vocabulary list, and make sure every word is known. Use the normal motion and the slow motion sound tool next to the words to help the words feel fresh and alive in your head.

8. Look and the sample sentences using the vocabulary. Repeat the sentences aloud, again and again. Listen to the native speaker doing the sentences and listen to pronunciation. This helps with listening skills and pronunciation. Also, look at the key word in the sentence and see how it plays a part in it. If its a verb, it may be conjugated, and if it is a noun, it might be in singular/plural.

9. Listen to the Dialogue again. Do you understand it all now?

10. Use the flashcard system to help learn words. I try getting it up to over 30% mastery before going back on the lesson homepage. Always be honest about if you knew the word or not. Otherwise its only yourself your cheating.

11. Complete both the quizzes. If you don't get 100%, keep doing it again until you do. If you consistently get the quizzes wrong, go back on to flashcards and study some more.

12. Listen to the review track again and speak aloud during the audio. You should be able to recall all the vocabulary.

13. Listen to the Dialogue again and make sure it is completely understood. If you don't understand it, go over the line-by-line audio tool, and come back to it.

14. Comment on the lesson in your target language, using the vocabulary/grammar points learnt in the lesson. If you have any questions, just ask. Always look at the feed back you get. If the teacher corrects your comment, don't worry. Remember when you first learnt to walk? You always fell over and made mistakes. And that's how we learn, with our mistakes. It's the same in Language learning.

15. Finally, to make sure you never forget vocabulary and grammar points, listen to the review track/Dialogue to the lesson you are doing before you complete your next lesson. Also, study with the flashcards, every week and more, to enable the vocabulary to be fresh in your head!

Thank you for reading how I complete a lesson. I hope it can help other students like it did me!


Luca Deon, a 13 year old Italian Student from the UK.