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Lesson Transcript

Becky: Must-know Italian Social Media Phrases Season 1. Lesson 10 - Feeling Disappointed.
Becky: Hi, everyone, I'm Becky.
Ofelia: And I'm Ofelia.
Becky: In this lesson, you'll learn how to post and leave comments in Italian about being disappointed. Giulia feels disappointed about today's weather, posts an image of it, and leaves this comment.
Ofelia: Uffa, piove!
Becky: Meaning - "Ugh, it's raining!" Listen to a reading of the post and the comments that follow.
(clicking sound)
Giulia: Uffa, piove!
(clicking sound)
Alice: Già, che peccato.
Davide: Odio questo tempo.
Laura: Che sfortuna.
Sara: Speriamo che smetta.
Becky: Listen again with the English translation.
(clicking sound)
Giulia: Uffa, piove!
Becky: "Ugh, it's raining!"
(clicking sound)
Alice: Già, che peccato.
Becky: "Yeah, what a pity."
Davide: Odio questo tempo.
Becky: "I hate this weather."
Laura: Che sfortuna.
Becky: "Too bad."
Sara: Speriamo che smetta.
Becky: "Let's hope it stops."
Becky: Listen again to Giulia's post.
Ofelia: Uffa, piove!
Becky: "Ugh, it's raining!"
Ofelia: (SLOW) Uffa, piove! (Regular) Uffa, piove!
Becky: Let's break this down. First is an expression meaning "Ugh."
Ofelia: Uffa
Becky: This is the colloquial expression you can use when something doesn't go the way you hoped and you're disappointed. Listen again- "Ugh" is...
Ofelia: (SLOW) Uffa (REGULAR) Uffa
Becky: Then comes the phrase - "it's raining."
Ofelia: piove
Becky: This is called an impersonal verb, and it doesn't have a subject. The verb follows the third person singular. Lots of impersonal verbs are used to talk about weather conditions. Listen again- "it's raining" is...
Ofelia: (SLOW) piove (REGULAR) piove
Becky: All together, it’s "Ugh, it's raining!"
Ofelia: Uffa, piove!
Becky: In response, Giulia's friends leave some comments.
Becky: Her friend, Alice, uses an expression meaning - "Yeah, what a pity."
Ofelia: (SLOW) Già, che peccato. (REGULAR) Già, che peccato.
Ofelia: Già, che peccato.
Becky: Use this expression to agree.
Becky: Her college friend, Davide, uses an expression meaning - "I hate this weather."
Ofelia: (SLOW) Odio questo tempo. (REGULAR) Odio questo tempo.
Ofelia: Odio questo tempo.
Becky: Use this expression to show you are feeling cynical.
Becky: Her neighbor, Laura, uses an expression meaning - "Too bad."
Ofelia: (SLOW) Che sfortuna. (REGULAR) Che sfortuna.
Ofelia: Che sfortuna.
Becky: Use this expression to show you are feeling sympathetic.
Becky: Her high school friend, Sara, uses an expression meaning - "Let's hope it stops."
Ofelia: (SLOW) Speriamo che smetta. (REGULAR) Speriamo che smetta.
Ofelia: Speriamo che smetta.
Becky: Use this expression to show you are feeling optimistic.


Becky: Okay, that's all for this lesson. If a friend posted something about being disappointed, which phrase would you use? Leave us a comment letting us know, and we'll see you next time!
Ofelia: A presto!