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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian holiday words. This is Ilaria, and today’s theme is Assumption. The Assumption is religious festivity celebrated on August 15th in Italy.
[Assunzione di Maria / Ferragosto] - “Assumption of Mary/Ferragosto”.
[La festività dell'Assunzione di Maria coincide con il Ferragosto.] - “The festivity of Assumption of the Virgin Mary coincides with the day of Ferragosto.”
[la Madonna] - “The Madonna”.
Maybe some of you might think about another Madonna, famous – very famous person but in Italy for Italian people, [la Madonna] is the Virgin Mary.
[La Vergina Maria è chiamata normalmente Madonna in Italia.] - “The Virgin Mary is normally called Madonna in Italy”. Yes, Madonna is a word that comes from Latin actually and it means “my lady”. So it was used as a sign of respect to any lady. So...and it’s also of course used towards the mother of Jesus as a sign of respect. So Madonna, this is the common name for the Virgin Mary. 

[processione] - “procession”.
It’s a religious parade called [processione]. [In molte città italiane, le statue della Madonna vengono portate in processione.] - “In many Italian cities, the statues of the Virgin Mary are being carried in processions.” 

[grigliata] - “barbecue”.
[A Ferragosto fare una grigliata con la famiglia o con gli amici è diventata una tradizione.] - “For [Ferragosto] having a barbecue with family or friends has become a tradition.”
[bagno di mezzanotte] - “midnight swim”.
[Il bagno di mezzanotte si fa a mezzanotte tra il 14 (quattordici) e il 15 (quindici) agosto, perché si dice che l'acqua sia magica.] - “The midnight swim must be done at midnight between August 14th and 15th because they say that the water is magical”.
Abbiamo finito! We are done, no more words, non ci sono parole. So see you next time, I hope you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to check the website. Ciao! Alla prossima.