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Lesson Transcript

Chao! Welcome to Italian holiday words and this is Ilaria. Let’s start. Today’s theme is Venice film festival.
[Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica] - “Venice film festival”. [La Mostra Internazionale di Arte Cinematografica è il festival del cinema più antico del mondo.] - “The Venice film festival is the most ancient film festival in the world”.
[Palazzo del Cinema] - “Palace of cinema”. [Il festival del cinema si svolge all'interno del Palazzo del Cinema, un palazzo storico.] - “The film festival takes place inside [Palazzo del Cinema] an historic palace”
[Leone d'Oro] - “golden lion”. [Il Leone d'Oro è il primo premio che viene assegnato ad un film.]- “The golden lion is the first prize given to a film.”
[internazionale] - “international”. [Al festival si respira un'atmosfera internazionale.] - “At the festival, you can feel an international atmosphere”. The literal translation of this example would be, you can breathe an international atmosphere actually. We use this expression, “breathe an atmosphere”.
[regista] - “Director”. [Un famoso regista italiano moderno è Matteo Garrone.] - “A famous modern Italian director is Matteo Garrone”. I recommend you to watch his latest movie called Tale of Tales and I never watched it because it’s super new but I am going to watch it for sure.
Finito! No more words for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and see you next time. Don’t forget to check the websites and chao-chao!