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Lesson Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian Holiday words, this is Ilaria, and today’s theme is Christmas!
Christmas of course is one of the most important holidays in Italy, because it's both religious and Pagan at the same time, and so so important, you know, to spend your time with your family. And for ages people to, it’s a time to go to church, of course not only Christmas.
1. Natale "Christmas"
The first word for today is Natale, of course, which is Christmas.
Il Natale è una delle feste più attese dai bambini. "Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays by children."
2. presepe "nativity scene"
The presepe is a representation of the moment when Jesus was born, and it's full of nice small sculptures and the landscape it's very well-made. I think you should at least once go to Italy or other parts of the world to see a presepe, a real presepe. It is really beautiful.
Allestire il presepe è una tradizione nata in Italia, ma ormai è diffusa in molti paesi. "Setting up a nativity scene is a tradition born in Italy, but today it is widespread in many countries."
3. mercatini di Natale "Christmas little markets"
Mercatini di Natale, Christmas markets, or small markets, the literal translation will be “small markets” but they are real markets, not that small.
Uno dei mercatini di Natale più famosi in Italia è quello di Napoli, di San Gregorio Armeno. "One of most famous Christmas markets in Italy is the one in Naples, in (the street called) San Gregorio Armeno."
4. pandoro "traditional Italian sweet"
Mmm… yummy thing. Pandoro is a traditional sweet from Verona, the north of Italy.
La parola "pandoro" significa letteralmente "pane d'oro." "The word "pandoro" literally means "golden bread.""
Yeah, because when you cut it and you see inside of it’s really beautifully golden color. Very nice, it's also delicious.
5. cine-panettone "panettone-movie"
Cine-panettone, would be in English "panettone-movie”.
I cine-panettoni sono film italiani comico-demenziali che escono al cinema durante il periodo natalizio. "Cine-panettoni are Italian comedy movies which are released during the Christmas period."
Have you heard the word panettone? Panettone is the traditional, another traditional sweet from the Christmas period. so since these movies are released during the Christmas period they're called cine-, like “cinema; movie”, panettone. Cine-panettone. That's the meaning of the word.
Abbiamo finito, no more words for today. I hope you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to check the websites and ci vediamo la prossima volta, see you next time! Ciao!