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Lesson Transcript

Betsey: Hi everyone! Welcome back to ItalianPod101.com. This is Lower Beginner, Season 1, Lesson 6 - What’s Your Favorite Italian Cooking Show? I’m Betsey.
Ofelia: Ciao! Ofelia here. In this lesson you'll learn how to use the verb ‘preferire’ meaning “to prefer” in English.
Betsey: This conversation takes place in an apartment, in front of the TV. And it’s between Jack and Claudio.
Ofelia: Jack and Claudio are friends and roommates, so they’ll be using informal language.
Betsey: Let's listen to the conversation.
Ofelia: Betsey, do you like cooking?
Betsey: Well, I prefer eating to cooking!
Ofelia: Okay, I asked you because we’re going to talk about cooking shows on Italian TV.
Betsey: Good! I’ve heard that there are more and more cooking shows appearing on TV in Italy. What’s the most popular show?
Ofelia: I’d say.. ‘La prova del cuoco’. It means “The cook’s competition”. It’s on at noon.
Betsey: That’s great timing for lunch!
Ofelia: Yes, and it’s hosted by Antonella Clerici, a famous host on Italian TV.
Betsey: Oh yes, she is quite famous. She has blond, curly hair and seems really friendly.
Ofelia: That’s right. During the show, she first makes a dish for her guests, and then there is a cooking competition between two chefs.
Betsey: What do they do?
Ofelia: They have to prepare a dish within 15 minutes. Then a special judge tastes the food and chooses the winner. This competition is also often a good occasion to present regional dishes and ingredients from different parts of Italy.
Betsey: Making a good dish within 15 minutes sounds tough, but I definitely want to watch this show now!
Ofelia: Another great thing is that you will be able to learn some useful Italian expressions about cooking too!
Betsey: It’s fun AND useful! Okay, now onto the vocab.
Betsey: Let's have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson. Ofelia, what’s the first word?
Betsey: “PROGRAM.” We’ve already introduced this word in an earlier lesson with the meaning “PLAN”. But in this lesson, we’re going to talk about the meaning of “TV program. “
Betsey: Can you give us an example using this word?
Ofelia: Sure. ‘Che programma televisivo guardi stasera?"’
Betsey: “Which TV program will you watch tonight?”
Ofelia: When you use the word to mean ‘Plans,’ you can say..
Oggi non ho programmi!
Betsey: “Today I don’t have plans!” Okay Ofelia, what’s the next word?
Ofelia: CUCINA
Betsey: “COOKING.” That was the main keyword of this dialogue right?
Ofelia: Right. ‘Cucina’ is a noun that translates to ‘cuisine’ or ‘cooking.’ But in most cases, it can be also translated as “the kitchen.”
Betsey: So how would you say ‘I am in the kitchen’ in Italian?
Ofelia: You can say. ‘Sono in cucina.’
Betsey: So it doesn’t mean “I’m in cuisine.”
Ofelia: Right. When you use the word to mean ‘cooking’, you can say.. ‘Mi piace la cucina francese.’
Betsey: I like French Cuisine.
Ofelia: Here, ‘la cucina francese’ means “French cuisine.”
Betsey: What about Japanese cuisine?
Ofelia: You can say ‘cucina giapponese’
Betsey: Okay, let’s hear the last one.
Ofelia: The last one is ‘ESSERE D’ACCORDO’
Betsey: “TO AGREE.” Literally, this phrase means ‘to have the same opinion.” You can also simply say ‘D’accordo’ to agree to something. It’s very common, and used to show agreement.
Betsey: So when can you use this phrase?
Ofelia: You can say ‘D’accordo’ when you need to express total agreement with something that someone has proposed you.
Betsey: I see, so is the expression ‘Essere d’accordo’ different?
Ofelia: No. It means the same, so you can use either of them to show that you agree to something.
Betsey: Okay, now onto the grammar.

Lesson focus

Betsey: In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the verb preferire, which means “to prefer”.
Ofelia: You can use this verb to express what you like and dislike, as well as your preferences.
Betsey: It’s a verb belonging to the ‘–ire’ group.
Ofelia: Right. Preferire ends with ‘i.r.e.’, but its conjugation is different from the majority of the verbs ending in ‘-ire’. It’s an exception.
Betsey: Can you give the list of conjugations?
Ofelia: Sure. I’ll start with the subject ‘Io.’
Io preferisco (LITTLE PAUSE)
Tu preferisci(LITTLE PAUSE)
Lui/ lei preferisce (LITTLE PAUSE)
Noi preferiamo (LITTLE PAUSE)
Voi preferite (LITTLE PAUSE)
Loro preferiscono (LITTLE PAUSE)
Betsey: Listeners, don’t forget to check the lesson notes, where you can find the written list of the conjugations. Ofelia, can you tell us more about the usage of the verb preferire?
Ofelia: Preferire can be followed by a verb in the infinitive form.
Betsey: No preposition is needed between preferire and the verb.
Ofelia: Exactly. It’s different from the English. You can put any verbs right after the word preferire.
Betsey: Can you give us an example?
Ofelia: Sure. ‘Preferisco andare al mare.’
Betsey: “I prefer going to the sea.”
Ofelia: Here, you can see the word ‘andare’ right after the word ‘Preferisco’ which means “I prefer”.
Betsey: So you don’t need a word in between.
Ofelia: Right. Also, the word ‘preferire’ can be followed by a noun, and can be used to compare two things. In this case, the preposition ‘A’ is needed.
Betsey: Can you give us an example?
Ofelia: Sure. ‘Preferisco un programma di cucina a un varietà!’
Betsey: “I prefer a cooking program to a variety show.”
Ofelia: Just like you put “to” in English sentences when comparing two things, you can put the preposition ‘A’ between two words.
Betsey: Okay, well that’s it for this lesson....
Ofelia: Oh, wait. Before we finish the lesson, I’d like to mention some words that follow the same conjugation rule as the word ‘preferire’.
Betsey: That sounds good. So that listeners can remember some other words easily, right?
Ofelia: Yes, that’s right. First I’d like to introduce this word ‘finire’
Betsey: It means “to finish.” It’s following the same conjugation rules, right?
Ofelia: That’s right. For example, ‘Sara e Simona finiscono il lavoro alle 7:00.’
Betsey: Sara and Simona finish work at 7:00.
Ofelia: And also you can use the same conjugation rules for the verb ‘capire.’
Betsey: It means “to understand”.
Ofelia: For example, you can say ‘Capisci cosa dico?’
Betsey: Do you understand what I’m saying?
Ofelia: Another one is ‘pulire’
Betsey: Which means “to clean.” So please remember these words listeners, when you’re remembering the conjugation rules for the word preferire.


Betsey: OK. That's all for this lesson.Thanks for listening everyone. See you next time!
Ofelia: A presto!


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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Hi listeners! What are your favorite programs on TV?

Wednesday at 10:50 PM
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Ciao Thiciane,

Masterchef è sicuramente un programma di successo in tutto il mondo!

Grazie per la tua risposta


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Thiciane Araújo
Tuesday at 01:21 AM
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Il mio programma culinario preferito è Masterchef Brasile.

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Ciao Marta,

Grazie per la risposta! 😄

Buona giornata,


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Marta Loda
Thursday at 05:50 PM
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Grazie! Amo cucinare ed amo imparare. E cucina italiana è buonissima!

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Thursday at 04:50 PM
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Buongiorno Marta Loda,

Bravissima! Scegliere un libro di cucina per imparare una lingua è un'ottima idea. 👍

Very good! Choosing a cooking book to learn a language is a great idea.

Scometto che sei un'abile cuoca! 😜

I bet you're a good cook!

Keep up the good work!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Marta Loda
Wednesday at 09:19 PM
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Ho un altro libro di Benedetta Parodi comprato in Italia. Si chiama "Mettiamoci a cucinare" ed è il mio libro preferito per cucinare. Tutte le ricette quelle che ho provato sono benissimi!

Cucinare con questo libro era il primo volto quando io ho cominciato ad imparare italiano 😉

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Tuesday at 11:31 AM
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Hi Johnny,

You can find some of the most used verbs here: https://www.italianpod101.com/learningcenter/reference/grammarbank&filter=level&value=Absolute%20Beginner

Most of the verbs are regular and follow regular conjugations. You can find the regular conjugations in the following lessons:

First conjugation: https://www.italianpod101.com/2008/05/20/newbie-17-can-you-find-everything-you-need-in-the-present/

Second conjugation: https://www.italianpod101.com/2008/05/27/newbie-18-versace-and-valentino-and-armani-oh-my/

Third conjugation: https://www.italianpod101.com/2008/06/03/newbie-19-i-prefer-to-sleep-in-italy/

If you are a Premium member, you can add words to the word bank, by checking them in the vocabulary section and clicking on [Add to Word Bank] at the bottom of the list. Let us know if this feature is not working.

If you have other questions, please let us know.

Thank you,


Team ItalianPod101.com

Friday at 03:31 AM
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Where can I find a full list of conjugated verbs? Also, how do I add words to my word bank? I selected Word Bank, got to the page but it was very unclear as to how to add a word. For example, I select troppo in the search but nothing came up.

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Friday at 11:41 PM
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Ciao John!

Thank you!

I like Catarella too :grin: and Commissario Montalbano is always eating Sicilian delicacies :thumbsup:

I have never seen the two British progrmms, they sound interesting!

Grazie per il commento e a presto!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Monday at 09:44 PM
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oops sorry you asked for favourite cooking programs !

my two favourites, shown on British TV are "tow greedy Italians" and "La dolce vita with David Rocco"

sorry about my mistake