Lesson Transcript

Are you using apps to learn your target language? And are you using our Innovative 101 App? If you haven't checked it out before, now is a great time because we've just updated it! We've made it even easier to learn your target language. You can jump into lessons in seconds and start absorbing new conversations, which will help get you speaking!
In this video, you’ll learn all about the newest update to the Innovative 101 App.
First, your dashboard is now available on the app.
This means we sync your progress across your devices. If you finished lesson #1 on your computer, when you open the app you can jump into lesson #2, without having to look for it.
You can now see your learning paths, and your progress on the dashboard. We've also added dark mode (to our iOS app only, for now). You can use the app in the dark with less strain on your eyes.
The dashboard is a powerful tool for your language learning. If you’re brand new to our program, or if you just don’t know what the dashboard is, here's an introduction. It's your homebase for language learning. Everything you need to know about your learning progress is here. You can see the current lessons and learning pathways you’re studying. You can see the next lesson you need to take. Which means you can jump into your lessons in seconds, and start absorbing new words, phrases, and conversations. And when you finish one lesson the dashboard automatically feeds you your next lesson, so you never have to worry about what to study next.
It guides you from lesson 1, to 2, to 3...all the way until the end. You can also see your learning progress. Whether you’re 20% into a pathway, or 90% done, its great for motivation.
Next, you can also customize your dashboard with lessons that you want to take.
Just tap on “discover more.” That will take you to our lesson library. And there, you’ll see all of our learning pathways and lessons. So, if you want to learn slang or the top 25 questions you need for conversations, you can add these Learning Pathways to your Dashboard.
So to recap, the dashboard makes it super easy to jump in and start learning. It tracks your progress and feeds you your next lessons. And you can customize your learning experience with it. Our iOS app now has dark mode. So, if you already have the Innovative 101 app on your device. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.
And if you haven't given our app a try yet, check out our complete language learning program. Sign up for your free lifetime account by clicking on the link in the description. Get tons of resources to have you speaking in your target language. And if you enjoyed these tips, hit the "like" button, share the video with anyone who's trying to learn a new language, and subscribe to our channel. We release new videos every week! I'll see you next time. Bye!