Lesson Transcript

Learning a language requires a huge investment of time and often money as well
Many people are hesitant to spend the amount of effort required to become fluent
But learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life
Here are 5 reasons why should start studying, NOW!
1 - More Opportunities
A new language can open up many new doors
You're able to work in countries other than your own
Tons of employers look to hire multilingual professionals every year!
2 - Meeting New People
Get to know speakers of other languages on a more personal level
Meeting new people is one of the main reasons people begin to study a language
Making new friends is a good enough reason to start studying!
3 - Exploring a different culture
Whether you decide to live abroad, or you're just taking a vacation
Knowing the local language will allow you to better understand the people
This can open your eyes to not only their country but your country as well!
Understand how people see your home from their perspective
4 - Health Benefits
Studying a new language actually comes with health benefits!
Keep your brain sharp by studying every day
You'll be helping your mind fight off the old age and stay fresh
5 - Discover You can do it
We've heard every excuse that people give for failing to learn a new language
Too old, not enough time, wrong genes. None of them hold water
You really can learn another language.
You could even hold your first conversation just few days from now
Stop making excuses
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