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Want to start speaking more in your target language?
You’ll need more words and phrases. In this guide, you'll discover 11 powerful ways to learn tons of new vocabulary with our materials. Let’s begin!
Number one: Sign up for the word of the day emails
This is a completely free study tool.
Just sign up, and every day, you get a brand new word delivered to your inbox.
You get the definition...
...the audio pronunciation...
...and tons of examples, so you’re not just learning “disconnected words.”
Best of all, reviewing takes seconds, so this is a fast and easy way to pick up words.
Keep an eye on your email and look for our word of the day lessons.
Number two: Access our free vocab and phrase lists
Here, you’ll find tons of vocab and phrase lists based on all kinds of topics that you won’t get anywhere else.
Holidays, hobbies, conversational phrases, common questions, slang, and much more.
You can review all of the words with the bonus audio lesson or the audio slideshow.
Number three: Play a lesson.
In every lesson, you learn a conversation, and then our teachers break down and translate every word.
So, here, you’re actually learning words in the context of conversations..
...and you can easily see how they’re used.
Number four: Review the Lesson Vocabulary Section
Want to master the key vocabulary from a lesson? Access the vocabulary section of any lesson.
Here, you can review the translations and the audio pronunciations of each word.
You can even play slowed down pronunciations to fully grasp each word.
Number five: Play the Audio Slideshow
Want to play words on a loop until they’re stuck in your head? You can do this with the audio slideshow.
This feature is available on every free vocab list and on all of the lessons.
With the lessons, just scroll down to the vocab section and click on “slideshow.”
Number six: Review the Lesson Notes
You get in-depth lesson notes for every lesson. You'll get grammar explanations,*plus* extra vocab and sample sentences not mentioned in the lesson.
You can even download the notes as PDFs to print or keep for yourself.
Number seven: Get the 2,000 Most Common Words List
Language experts say you need around 1,500 words to be conversationally fluent.
Here, you get 2,000 must-know words sorted into categories such as Verbs, Adjectives, and Everyday Words, and even by numbers.
You’ll see the Top 100 words, the top 200, 300 – Up until 2,000.
You can study these words with the Slideshow
or send them to the WordBank or Flashcards.
Number eight: Word Bank
The wordbank is your personal database of words and phrases.
If you come across a word you like and want to review later, save it to your wordbank.
You can save words and phrases from lessons, free vocab lists, and the core 2,000 word list.
With the WordBank, you can even create and print out word lists to use as physical study material.
Number nine: Remember words forever with spaced repetition flashcards
Spaced repetition flashcards are a powerful language learning tool.
They track your progress, show you words based on how well you know them,
and show them to you again at the right times (so you don’t forget them).
So, If you get a word right, you’ll see it again in 7 days, then in 14, then every once in a while, just to refresh your memory.
If you get it wrong, you’ll see it again and again -- until you get it right.
You can create flashcard decks from lesson vocab sections, word bank entries, the top 2,000 core word list, and the free vocab and phrase lists.
Number Ten: Use the Audio Dictionary
If you want to look up a word, you can easily use our free dictionary
...and you can save these words into your wordbank as well.
Number Eleven: Get Even More Lessons in the Lesson Library
If you want EVEN more vocab lessons...
Then visit our Lesson Library, and under “Category,”
...choose "Vocabulary"
You will get all of the lessons dedicated to helping you master must-know vocabulary.
So if you’re ready to finally learn language the fast, fun and easy way...
And if you want to start speaking from your very first lesson, get our complete learning program!
Sign up for your free lifetime account right now. Click the link in the description.
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I'll see you next time.