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Lesson Transcript

Ciao a tutti! Sono Consuelo. Hi everybody! I’m Consuelo.
Welcome back to ItalianPod101.com’s Italiano in tre minuti, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Italian.
In the last lesson, we learned the most common forms of greetings in Italian. Do you remember them? We talked about greetings like ciao, buongiorno, buonasera and so on.
Today we’re going to learn a very useful phrase: “do you speak English?”
Using this phrase as opposed to speaking English to someone is important for many reasons. For one, if the person you’re speaking to doesn’t understand English, at least they’ll be able to understand what you’re asking.
Furthermore, that you've made an effort to learn even a little bit of the language shows a lot of respect on your part. So, for these reasons and many more, we’re going to cover this very important phrase.
Are you ready? Allora cominciamo, so let’s start!
Now here's the informal way to say it.
Parli inglese?
(One more time, slowly: parli inglese?).
In this sentence, the verb parlare, to speak, is inflected in the second singular person “tu.” You can easily recognize it from the ending part of the verb parli.
To learn how to properly conjugate -are verbs, like parlare, at the present indicative, please look at our Absolute Beginner series. You can find very detailed grammar lessons if you check up on ItalianPod101.com.
But now let’s go back to parli inglese.
Inglese is the adjective that means English.
When asking the question “do you speak English” in a formal situation, you should switch the verb parlare into the third singular courtesy person Lei. The result is:
Parla inglese?
(One more time, slowly: parla inglese?).
This sentence could be very helpful if you’re in trouble on the street, in a restaurant, or at a hotel—no matter where you are, if you need to talk to an English speaker, just ask…
Parla inglese?
Adding scusi, excuse-me, the sentence becomes more polite:
Scusi, parla inglese?
(One more time, slowly: scusi, parla inglese?).
The responses you will receive could basically be one of these three:
Sì. Yes.
(One more time, slowly: sì.).
Un pò. A little.
(One more time, slowly: un pò.).
No, non parlo inglese. No, I don’t speak English.
(One more time, slowly: no, non parlo inglese.).
Since this last one is a negative statement, we should just say non before the verb. With io, Italian for "I," the verb changes into parlo.
That is why “I do not speak” is:
Non parlo.
Now it’s time for Consuelo’s tips.
For those of you who are not only English speakers, you can obviously use this question with any language you need. Italians study other European languages at school, so maybe you will get lucky! Just substitute inglese with…
Francese for French.
Spagnolo for Spanish.
Tedesco for German.
In today’s lesson we mentioned the word scusi. In the next lesson we will learn this and other ways to apologize in Italian. It’s never too late to show your good manners with Italian people!
I'll see you in our next Italiano in tre minuti lesson.
Ciao, a presto, alla prossima lezione!!


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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Scusi, which language(s) do you speak?

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Friday at 05:11 PM
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Ciao Jack!

Grazie da parte di Consuelo! :smile:

Thank you on behalf of Consuelo and thank you for the feedback!

Buona giornata!

Have a nice day!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Wednesday at 07:51 AM
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Ciao tutti..Consuelo's accent (in English and İtalian) is great for me..And her teaching methods too..I really like italiano in tre minuti:) I think we need more videos made by consuelo..Arrivederci...

ItalianPod101.com Verified
Monday at 12:17 PM
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Hi Katie,

Thank you for being more specific! Ithink that the Pronunciation Series will give you all he necessary information.

Lesson #4 is deicated to those combinations: https://www.italianpod101.com/2010/12/13/pronunciation-4-specific-italian-consonants/

Please have a look!

Hi Meier,

Have you tried to subscribe our "Word of the Day" https://www.italianpod101.com/italian-phrases/

You can also have the "Word of the Day" sent to yur mail address if you click on "Add" on the right.

Grazie a tutti e ciao! :smile:


Team ItalianPod101.com

Saturday at 09:23 PM
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Ciao ItalianPod101.

I would just like to ask for some good strategies

to help me remember the italian words. I am finding

it hard to remember and it is hard for me to get more fluent.


Ariverderci (I think Goodbye is :grin:)

P.S. This is a great website to learn Italiano! Grazie Mille!

Thursday at 08:51 PM
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By "pronuciation key" I meant something to tell how each letter is pronounced. Like how the combanation "ce" or "ci" is like our "ch" in english. I hope this helped your confusion. :heart:

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Thursday at 08:07 PM
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Ciao Dianna,

thank you very much for the comment!

Glad you liked our lessons:smile:

Keep tuned and you'll be fluent in no time. Whenever you have questions,

please feel free to ask us here! Good luck:innocent:


Team ItalianPod101.com

Tuesday at 04:10 PM
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I love the lessons, it is easy to learn, and I am hoping to be able to speak italian very soon. Thank you for this opportunity, Dianna

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Saturday at 06:57 PM
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Ciao Francine,

we're sorry if you didn't like our lessons.

We understand that we all have preference on lesson type, and nothing can be "everyone's" cup of tea.

If we can improve our lessons in any way, we'd appreciate your suggestions!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Tuesday at 11:12 AM
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Well, I can see why this is FREE....there are so many interruptions during the lessons, there is absolutely NO way you can learn anything. Im glad I didn't sign up for the high dollar course.

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Saturday at 12:17 AM
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Ciao Angelita!

Grazie mille:smile:


Team ItalianPod101.com