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Lesson Transcript

Ciao a tutti! Sono Consuelo. Hi everybody! I’m Consuelo.
Welcome back to ItalianPod101.com’s Italiano in tre minuti, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Italian.
In the last lesson, we covered how to get a bus ticket. Today we are going to learn what to say when asking about the destination of a bus.
Are you ready? Allora cominciamo! Let’s get started!
Once you get on the bus, you can ask the bus driver or a passenger: "Excuse me, does this bus go to…..?"
In Italian, this phrase starts with an expression that must be familiar to you now: scusi!
The whole sentence is scusi, questo autobus va a…? and then add the destination.
(One more time, slowly: scusi, questo autobus va a.....?)
In this case, you can also omit questo autobus because if you’re already on the bus, it is obvious that you’re talking about THIS BUS.
In the previous question, va is the conjugation of the Italian verb andare, "to go."
Now, there is another verb that can be used instead of andare, which is fermare, "to stop."
Using the verb fermare, the question goes like:
Scusi, questo autobus ferma a…? And then add the destination.
(One more time, slowly: scusi, questo autobus ferma a ....?)
When you want to ask "How long does it take to get to…" in Italian, say quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare a…? And here again, add the destination.
(One more time, slowly: quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare a.....?)
Let’s now see some practical examples. We’re on a bus to Florence and we want to go to Piazzale Michelangelo Terrace Square to admire the magnificent Florentine landscape.
Consuelo: (asking someone out of camera)
Scusi, questo autobus va al Piazzale Michelangelo?
Passenger: Sì.
Consuelo: E quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare?
Passenger: Venti minuti circa.
Consuelo: Grazie, molto gentile.
If you got on the wrong bus, please remember to press the red button in order to make the bus stop. The doors will open and you can easily get off.
Now it’s time for Consuelo’s tips.
When you want to ask for information about a bus's destinations before getting on, you can use the sentence: scusi, l’autobus numero 25, for example, va a …?
(One more time, slowly: scusi, l’ autobus numero 25 va a.....?)
Excuse me, does bus number 25 go to…?
You can ask the person at the ticket window or someone else at the bus stop for this information.
This does it for today! Next time we’ll be still on the bus! What are we going to learn? You will find out in our next Italiano in tre minuti lesson!
Ciao alla prossima lezione!