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Lesson Transcript

Ciao a tutti! Sono Consuelo. Hi everybody! I’m Consuelo.
Welcome back to ItalianPod101.com’s Italiano in tre minuti, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Italian.
In the last lesson, we learned how to ask for a sconto, a "discount." Today, we are going to teach you a lot of useful phrases you can use when entering a restaurant.
Before you start eating, you have to get the table! So, in today’s lesson we'll cover getting to the table.
When entering a restaurant in Italy, the host or hostess will greet you with buongiorno or buonasera, and then he or she will usually ask you: "how many people in your party?", which in Italian is Quante persone siete?
(One more time, slowly: quante persone siete?)
Here, the question is referred to voi, Italian second plural person, you.
Answering this question is very easy! You should just say siamo, which stands for ‘we are’, then the number of people, and finally the Italian word for people, persone. For example: siamo quattro persone.
(One more time, slowly: siamo quattro persone.)
If you forget to say persone, it doesn’t matter. Siamo quattro is okay, and it's also quicker to say and easier to remember!
At this point, the waiter or the waitress should say prego, pointing at your table, but if you’re unlucky you might be told mi dispiace, non c’è posto. That means "I’m sorry, there’s no seat."
(One more time, slowly: mi dispiace, non c’è posto.)
In this case, the waiter or the waitress should add c’è da aspettare. This phrase literally means
C’è→there is
Da aspettare→to wait
"You have to wait!"
Now you’d probably ask ‘for how long,’ and that’s very easy in Italian: quanto?
(One more time, slowly: quanto?)
It can be minutes, minuti, or hours...ore. Hmm, that sounds pretty annoying, but sometimes restaurants can be really crowded!
So the answer could be dieci, quindici, venti minuti, or un’ora, one hour. Please remember that ora is singular and ore is its plural form.
If you choose to wait, simply say aspettiamo, we wait.
(One more time, slowly: aspettiamo.)
If you are in hurry or too hungry to wait, it is appropriate to say: no grazie. No, thank you.
(One more time, slowly: no, grazie.)
Now it’s time for Consuelo’s tips.
Whenever you’re having lunch or dinner alone, the host will still probably ask you ‘how many people?’ In this case you can say una soltanto, just one. Or sono solo, if you’re a man, and sono sola, if you’re a woman. These mean ‘I’m alone’.
Ah, the last tip for today is don’t be scared if Italian waiters shout—that’s normal in Italy!
In this lesson we learned how to enter a restaurant. Next time we’ll be sitting at our table learning how to order!
We’ll be waiting for you in our next Italiano in tre minuti lesson.
Ciao, alla prossima lezione!!


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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Do you usually wait for a seat in restaurants or you prefer to look for another one?

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Sunday at 08:44 AM
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Ciao Capt NJ Marinaro,

Our Word Bank and Flashcard deck features can be accessed by clicking on the Vocabulary tab of our website on the top toolbar and selecting Flashcards. Whenever you encounter a word in the vocabulary section of our lessons or in any of our vocabulary lists, you can select those and add them to your own Word Bank and create personalized Flashcard decks that you can then revise on a regular basis to learn the words you prefer.

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Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us again!

A presto,


Team ItalianPod101.com

Capt NJ Marinaro
Saturday at 12:33 AM
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I really need to add sentences to my word bank. I can add some, but not these. How can I add them.

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Monday at 04:35 PM
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Hi yani,

I am glad to hear that you found this lesson easy. I hope you like the rest of our series.

Looking forward to seeing you often here.

A presto! ?


Team ItalianPod101.com

Sunday at 10:39 PM
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grazie mille , lezion e facile e semplice

thanks for lesson

easy and simple

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Friday at 06:18 PM
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Ciao a tutti!

Grazie mille! Please follow us: we publish new lessons every week!

A presto!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Wednesday at 01:21 PM
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:sunglasses: I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: ItalianPod101! It helped me soo much La Lingrazio! Before I joined italianPod101.com all I knew in Italian was stuff like do you understand? (Lei Kapeshe) and (Lei Americano? or Lei Americana) Things like that Grazie Tante!!!!!

Elaine Roach
Wednesday at 05:48 AM
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Ciao Ofelia,

Grazie tante perché tu dai necessario attenzione per imparante italiano !

A presto!

Elaine e Peter

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Monday at 10:46 AM
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Ciao Elaine e Peter!

Grazie mille! :smile:

A presto!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Elaine Roach
Saturday at 12:44 AM
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Dear Ofelia:

This is what I found that solved Elaine's problem:

á = alt + 160 e.g. alt key held down, then 160

à = alt + 133

è = alt + 138

é = alt + 130

ì = alt + 141

ò = alt + 149

ó = alt + 162

ù = alt + 151

ú = alt + 163

This can be used on any windows version and probably UNIX and Apple as well.

The computer code ( pseudo ) =print( chr( values_above as integer ) );

Best wishes,

Peter Roach ( Husband of Elaine Roach )

Elaine Roach
Friday at 08:20 AM
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Piacere Ofelia,


We use Windows 7, and my husband, Peter, will try to install the Italian language on this computer.

It will be wonderful if Peter can do this!

Grazie, Ofelia.

Elaine Roach