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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria and let’s go and see today’s theme. Oh! Bugs and insects, I love bugs and insects but maybe not so many people. Let’s see the first insect:
1. bruco, caterpillar
Bruco, bruco, bruco caterpillar. Non toccare il bruco, potrebbe essere pericoloso. Don’t touch the caterpillar, it might be dangerous. Do you know they have some poison in them in all those cute, fluffy hair? Oh lucky one. Do you guess what it is, it is.
2. coccinella, ladybug
Quando incontri una coccinella significa che sei fortunato. When you meet a ladybug, it means you are lucky. Next one, uh I love this one:
3. formica, ants
Il bosco è pieno di formiche. The woods are full of ants, really full. Next one is:
4. mosca, fly
Mio padre è molto bravo ad acchiapare le mosche. My father is very good at catching flies. Next one oh little creepy one even for me:
5. ragno, spider
Io adoro gli insetti, ma ho un po' paura dei ragni. I love bugs but I am a little scared of spiders. That’s true.
Oh the end, see you next time. I hope you enjoyed it and leave some comments if you please. Bye bye. Sometimes Spaghetti looks like worm. I need to change. Everyone wants to kill cockroaches, why! Is this too violent?