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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Hello, welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria. Let’s see today’s theme. Today’s theme is studying a language. Studiare una lingua.
1. sostantivo, noun
Il tema della lezione di oggi sono i sostantivi. Today’s lesson’s theme is noun, it’s not by the way. Next word:
2. aggettivo, adjective
Aggettivo adjectives. Oh in Italian, we have so many adjectives. Ieri a lezione ho imparato dieci nuovi aggettivi. Yesterday during the lesson, I learned 10 new adjectives.
3. verbo, verb
Oh, verbs. In Italian, they are the most difficult part of Italian grammar I guess so. Oh my god. Ho bisogno di esercitarmi nei verbi italiani! I need to practice my Italian verbs. Please practice the verbs.
4. domanda, question
Avete delle domande? Do you have any question?
5. lingua, language
It also means tongue. Mi piacerebbe saper parlare cinque lingue. I wish I could speak five languages. How many languages can you speak? Quante lingue sapete parlare?
It’s the end actually. I hope you enjoyed today’s theme. It was studying a language. So Studiare una lingua and please I hope you study Italian very hard and let me know in the comments everything related to studying Italian and see you next time, bye bye.