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Lesson Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words! This is Ilaria, and today's theme is… sports.
The first sport is…
1. pallacanestro “basketball”
Ho giocato a pallacanestro per un anno quando ero una bambina. “When I was a child, I played basketball for one year.”
Next sport is…
2. volano “badminton”
Actually, volano, of course, you can use it, but you can also use badminton and people will probably understand you.
Per me il volano è lo sport più difficile al mondo. “For me badminton is the most difficult sport in the world.”
Actually, really, I cannot catch the… where’s the ball? Can you do it? I can’t.
Prossimo “next one” is… very popular one, the most popular sport in Italy is…? Yes.
3. calcio “football”
Not the American football, okay? Calcio is the one where you kick the ball, calcio.
Il calcio è lo sport più popolare in Italia. “Football is the most popular sport in Italy.”
4. pattinaggio sul ghiaccio “ice-skating”
The most beautiful sport in the world.
Adoro guardare il pattinaggio sul ghiaccio solo per i costumi. “I love to watch ice-skating just for the dresses.”
Very short word…
5. sci “ski”
Non ho mai praticato lo sci perché non mi piace il freddo. “I never practiced skiing because I don't like cold.”
I don’t like it.
We’ve done enough sports for today. We can take a rest, and see you next time! Bye-bye! Ciao!