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Lesson Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words! This is Ilaria, and today's theme is.... in an airplane, nell'aereo.
1. aereo “airplane”
Quando sono in aereo dormo tutto il tempo. “When I'm on an airplane, I sleep the whole time.”
Really, I just get on the plane and fell asleep and bye-bye, goodnight.
2. prima classe “first class”
Non ho mai viaggiato in prima classe. “I never traveled in first class.”
3. classe economica “economy class”
We also use, actually, the English expression, just the economy.
We say, “I traveled in economy.” Viaggio in economy.
I sediolini nella classe economica sono molto stretti. “Seats in the economy class are too small.”
You don’t have any space.
Next one…
4. cintura di sicurezza “seat belt”
The literal translation would be “security belt” in Italian actually.
I bambini, in genere, non vogliono mai allacciare le cinture di sicurezza. “Usually kids don't want to fasten their seat belts.”
5. pilota “pilot”
I piloti degli aerei sono così affascinanti. “Airplane’s pilots are so charming.”
Do you think so?
It was the last word for today. I hope you enjoy today’s episode and see you next time. Ciao!