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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria. Today’s theme is Housework.
1. strofinare "scrub"
Devi strofinare per pulire il tavolo completamente. "You must scrub to clean the table completely."
2. lavare "wash"
Dopo mangiato odio lavare i piatti. "After eating I hate to wash the dishes.”
3. passare l'aspirapolvere "vacuum"
Big difference between English and Italian this time. “vacuum” is very short, and “passare l'aspirapolvere” is very long expression. The word for the machine, vacuum cleaner, is aspirapolvere. Then the expression is passare l'aspirapolvere, so, how to say… to “give vacuum cleaner”.
Alcune persone non passano l'aspirapolvere di sera perché è troppo rumorosa. "Some people don't vacuum at night because it's too loud."
4. buttare la spazzatura "take out the trash"
La spazzatura andrebbe buttata di sera. "Trash would be taken out at night."
Yes, otherwise it stinks.
5. spazzare "sweep"
Dopo mangiato il pavimento è pieno di briciole di pane e bisogna spazzare. "After eating, the floor is full of crumbs so we need to sweep."
We’re done! No more housework for today, so see you next time. I hope you enjoyed and ciao! Ciao! Ciao! Ci vediamo! Ciao! Ciao!
So, we need to weep, no not weep, sweep.