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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Hello welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria and let’s see today’s theme. Umm in your wallet Il portafogli wallet is portafogli in Italian. Let’s go to the first word:
1. biglietto da visita, business card
Business card hah! Mi dimentico sempre di portare i miei biglietti da visita con me. I always forget to bring my business cards with me. I love the one with very nice designs and also I love the fact that you can also print them online now-a-days. It’s so convenient. Next word is:
2. carta di credito, credit card
Credit card Mi piace fare acquisti online con la mia carta di credito. I love to do a shopping online with my credit card but be careful, it can be dangerous. Next word is:
3. patente di guida, driver’s license
Patente di guida. Ho dovuto rinnovare la mia patente di guida recentemente. Recently I had to renew my driver’s license. Do you know that in Italy we have this point system on our driver’s license. Basically when you get to zero points, you have to renew it and you have to go to driver’s school and do the exam everything from the beginning. So be very careful when you drive in Italy. Next word is:
4. coupon, coupon
We say the same. Ho vinto un coupon del 50% di sconto al supermercato...Evviva! I won a 50% discount coupon at the supermarket, lucky. Next word:
5. tessera dei punti, stamp card
Oh yeah, we have so many tessera dei punti so many stamp cards in Italy. Mi piace collezionare molte tessere dei punti in vari negozi. I like to collect several stamp cards in many shops. In Italy, actually you can get very nice prices if you collect like nice dishes, glasses like a whole set of stuff. My mother collect a lot of points, what about you?
Next word: Oh, there is no next word. It’s the end already and today’s theme was in your wallet. What do you have in your wallet except for money of course, let me know. See you next time, bye bye.


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Ciao Hilary,

Interessante! Grazie mille per il commento!

Please notice this: specifichi => specifici (it's written without H)

Keep up the good work!:thumbsup::smile:


Team ItalianPod101.com

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Nel mio porta foglio ho una carta di debito, tante carte di negozzi specifichi, e spicci. Non porto tante monete perchè sarebbe pericoloso a Roma. Grazie Ilaria per la lezione.