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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria. Today’s theme is study subjects. In Italian, it will be materie di studio . First one is:
1. Storia, History
Oh my god! History, I don’t like history, please forgive me. Quando studiavo Storia il mio periodo preferito era 'Gli Antichi Greci'. When I was studying history at school, my favorite period was ancient Greek. Have you ever studied ancient Greece? In Italy, we actually studied it because you know, that’s the root of Italian culture. Next one:
2. Chimica, Chemistry
I miei compagni di scuola sono terrorizzati dall'insegante di Chimica. My classmates are terrified by chemistry teacher. I remember yeah my chemistry teacher was so strict. Oh my god, everyone was like, oh she is coming, she is coming. Next word is:
3. Informatica, Computer Science
All'università la lezione di Informatica era la mia preferita. In college, computer science class was my favorite.
4. Legge, Law
Molti studenti in Italia scelgono di studiare Legge. Many students in Italy chose to study law because when you study law, you can access to many – to several jobs and you can earn a lot of money actually. This is my favorite actually, it’s
5. Lingue, Languages
Lingue which is language. As a study subject, you must say Lingue using the plural form because it actually comprehends the whole grammar, intonation, the history maybe of the language. So this is the study subject. Then when you use singular, it’s just a single language for example Italian, Russian, French. This is true fact. All'università ho studiato Lingue Orientali. At university, I studied Oriental Asia languages.
Okay so I am going to be waiting for your comments about your favorite study subject, okay? Scrivete nei commenti. Ciao!