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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao tutti! Hello everyone, welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria and today’s theme is health concerns. Very serious thing today.
1. ferirsi, to get injured
Mentre giocavo a pallavolo mi sono ferito a una mano. While I was playing volleyball, I got my hand injured.
2. mal di testa, headache
Non soffro spesso di mal di testa, per fortuna. I don’t suffer from headache very often luckily.
3. puntura d'insetto, bug bite
Wow, this sounds scary. Una volta dopo una puntura d'insetto, ho avuto una reazione allergica. Once after a bug bite, I got an allergic reaction.
4. prurito, itch
Quando ero bambina dopo aver mangiato le patatine, ho avuto un prurito su tutto il corpo. When I was a kid, after eating many potato chips, I had an itch all over my body.
5. affaticamento, fatigue
Ho un affaticamento per la calura estiva. I have fatigue because of the summer heat.
No next word for today, so we are done. We are finished. I hope you liked today’s episode and see you next time ciao!