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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Hi welcome to Italian weekly words, this is Ilaria and today’s theme is Geography. Oh my god, Geography, I am not good at geography.
1. cascata, waterfall
Quando ero bambina mi piaceva nuotare nelle cascate. When I was a child, I loved to swim in waterfalls. It’s more waterfalls of course. It’s very relaxing. You can actually do it. Sometimes in Italy, when you go to the mountains, there is this small beautiful clean pure water – waterfalls, so nice. Next one:
2. montagna, mountain
La mia stagione preferita per visitare la montagna è l'estate. My favorite season to visit mountains is summer.
3. fiume, river
Il fiume più grande d'Italia è il Po.The biggest river of Italy is the Po. It’s very simple name but it’s the name of the river. It’s in Northern Italy. Next one:
4. isola, island
L'isola di Lampedusa è l'isola più a sud in Italia. Lampedusa Island is the most southern island in Italy. You should go, it’s very beautiful and absolutely fantastic island very close to Africa and also the weather is almost African weather. It’s very nice place.
5. spiaggia, beach
Spiaggia my favorite one! Love it. Se potessi andrei tutti i giorni in spiaggia. If only I could, I will go every day to the beach, really, every day.
Next one oh we are done. No more words. Abbiamo finito le parole. So I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and see you next time. Chiudiamo. Ciao!