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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words, this is Ilaria. Let’s see today’s theme is tourism Turismo. First word:
1. autobus turistico, tour bus
During this season in Italy, you can see many tour bus. Durante questo periodo in Italia si vedono molti autobus turistici. During this period in Italy, you can see a lot of tour buses.
2. turista, tourist
This is also very similar, the pronunciation turista and tourist. Se sei un turista e vuoi visitare l'Italia, prova ad andare in Sicilia. If you are a tourist and want to visit Italy, please go to Sicily, I love it, it’s beautiful.
3. visitare, to visit
Se andate in Sicilia, dovete assolutamente visitare l'Etna, il famoso vulcano. If you go to Sicily, you must absolutely visit Etna, the famous volcano, do you know that? It’s erupting actually very frequently. It’s a very nice, I mean it’s an amazing nature view. I mean you cannot miss it. Volcano Etna, eruption, if you go at night, you will see the black sky and the bright red you know, magma coming out of volcano. It’s so beautiful, not dangerous but don’t go too close.
4. statua, statue
The spelling is very similar but the pronunciation is totally different. So in Italian, it is statua be careful with the pronunciation. I musei italiani sono pieni di statue antiche. Italian museums are full of ancient statues. Next word is:
5. chiesa, church
In Italia ci sono più chiese che persone. In Italy, there are more churches than people. Of course that’s not true but that shows how many churches you have in Italy. Really, everywhere.
Next word is finito, it’s the end. We are done for today. I hope you enjoyed it and see you next time. Ci vediamo! Ciao!
Touristic – not touristic, tour bus.