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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria. How are you today? Today’s theme is home electronics. Let’s see. The first word is:
1. asciugacapelli, hairdryer
Dopo lo shampoo non uso mai l'asciugacapelli. After washing my hair, I never use an hairdryer, that’s true.
2. forno a micro onde, microwave
It’s very long in Italian compared to English forno a micro onde. It will translate into microwave oven. We actually use the complete expression. Da bambina non avevo un forno a micro onde. When I was a child, I didn’t have a microwave. I remember in Italy we don’t really like to use a Microwave because there is the common knowledge that it is not really good. It doesn’t make food really tasty. Next word is:
3. frigorifero, refrigerator
Il mio frigorifero è pieno di frutta. My refrigerator is full of fruits. What do you have in your refrigerator? Write it down in the comments in Italian.
4. televisore, television
Non ho un televisore a casa mia. I don’t have a television in my house. Do you believe it? It’s true. I don’t watch television. Non guardo la televisione.
5. lavatrice, washing machine
Ho comprato una nuova lavatrice giusto ieri. I just bought a new washing machine yesterday.
Finito, the end. That was the last word for today. I hope you enjoyed it and see you next time, ciao!