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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! This is Ilaria and welcome to Italian weekly words. Today’s theme is home tools.
1. cacciavite, screwdriver
Non ho idea di come si usi un cacciavite. I have no idea how to use a screwdriver. Next word is…
2. livella, level
Non ho mai usato una livella in tutta vita mia. I never used a level in all my life, never I didn’t have a chance actually. And by the way, there is a very famous poem in Italy called La livella the level, check it out on the internet.
3. martello, hammer
L'altro giorno mi sono fatta cadere il martello sui piedi. The other day I dropped the hammer on my feet. Che dolore! It hurts, I did it once maybe. I remember something very heavy falling on my feet.
4. metro, ruler
Ci sono tantissimi tipi di metri e non so mai quale scegliere. There are so many types of rulers that I never know which one to use. Next one.
5. vite, screw
Ho perso la vite dei miei occhiali. I lost a screw from my glasses. Have you ever had this experience? I hate it. One day, you just have your glasses go like… like this.
Ciao! No I didn’t like this ending. I will do it again *blablabla* Next word is nothing, we are done! Abbiamo finito per oggi, ci vediamo la prossima volta. See you next time! Ciao!