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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! This is Ilaria and welcome to Italian weekly words. Today’s theme is hygiene actions. Let’s go to the first word:
1. asciugare con il phon,to blow dry
Asciugare con il phon to blow dry. Io non asciugo mai i miei capelli con il phon. I never blow dry my hair, it’s true because they are too delicate for the hairdryer. Next one.
2. fare i gargarismi, to gargle
Faccio i gargarismi tre volte al giorno. I gargle three times a day. Next one is…
3. fare il bagno, to bathe
Mi piace fare il bagno la sera dopo il lavoro. I like to bathe in the evening just after work, what about you? But actually usually most of the people actually take a shower, if I must say the truth, bathing is going out of fashion I can say. Next is…
4. Lavare, to wash
In English, you say for example, brush your teeth but in Italian, we say wash your teeth. Mi lavo i denti tutte le sere prima di dormire. I brush my teeth every night before sleeping. So in Italian, it will be wash your teeth, remember. Next word.
5. pettinare, to comb
I capelli ricci sono molto difficili da pettinare. Wavy hair is just like this. Wavy hair are so difficult to comb, seriously. Seriously it is hell.
Next word is, oh we are done for today, uh, surprise, sorpresa. Oggi buono finito le parole. Today, the words are finished and see you next time. Please leave the comments, I will be waiting. Ciao! Vi aspetto!