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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Welcome to Italian weekly words. I am Ilaria and let’s see what words are coming up today. Today’s theme is computer words. Oh my god! This sounds difficult. Let’s see the first word.
1. computer portatile , laptop computer
We actually can also say just portatile which means portable. Al lavoro uso sempre il portatile. At work, I always use my laptop computer. Let’s go to next one. Okay next word is:
2. Cuffie, headphones
Cuffie is headphones or earphones. We don’t actually make a difference between the two. Le mie cuffie si rompono sempre. My earphones always break. Yes I need to buy earphones like every six months maybe. I don’t know, what about you. Do you have the same problem? I just bought it yesterday, new one. Next one:
3. Schermo, monitor
Schermo monitor. Lo schermo del mio computer è pieno di impronte. My computer monitor is full of fingerprints. What about yours and for the computer, we actually use sometimes the word monitor which is the English monitor. Next word is:
4. stampante, printer
I love stampante I love the printer. Vorrei tanto acquistare una stampante A3. I would really like to buy an A3 printer. Next word is:
5. tastiera, keyboard
Tastiera keyboard. E' difficile usare una tastiera straniera perché non ci sono gli accenti. It’s very difficult to use a foreign keyboard because there are no accents. When you go abroad and you want to use a computer, I always have to look up on the internet for the accents and just copy paste it in my phrase. It is so complicated.
Oh here we go, already it’s the end for today, today’s Italian weekly words and let me know if Italian computer words sounds strange to you because we use a lot of English words, what about the pronunciation, for me it’s very Italian like it’s me Mario but let me know what you think in the comments, bye bye.