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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! It’s me Ilaria, just kidding. Ciao! This is Ilaria and welcome to Italian weekly words. Let’s see today’s theme. Oh vegetables! Le Verdure. I love vegetables. First vegetable is:
1. aglio, garlic
Not everyone likes aglio actually. In Italia, usiamo molto aglio. In Italy, we use a lot of garlic.
Next one.
2. cipolla, onion
La cipolla è alla base della cucina italiana. Onions are the base of Italian cuisine.
In Italia abbiamo molte varietà di cipolle. In Italy, we have many varieties of onions. They are very famous, by the way, especially the one from Calabria region, very sweet and red onions. I recommend them to you. Next one.
3. patata, potato
It’s patata. It’s very similar to the English word but pronunciation is very clear and the mouth is very round, wide patata. Okay patata patata patata... Mia mamma cucina spesso la pasta e patate. My mother often prepares pasta with potatoes. It is actually very delicious dish. It is very daily dish, very common in Italy, pasta and potato. It is like a soup with a lot of Parmigiano cheese, delicious.
4. pomodoro, tomato
La pasta al pomodoro è la mia preferita. Tomato pasta is my favorite, and when I say tomato pasta is the simple one, with just basil, a little bit of garlic, a sprinkle of olive oil, umm nice.
Next one, a stinky one.
5. cavolo, cabbage
Cavolo yeah. Yeah in Italy, we have this expression. It’s like wow, cavolo did you know that? It’s the vegetable cabbage but you can also use it when you are surprised or when you want to say wow! Whoa! Amazing cavolo. Let’s go with a serious sentence. Il cavolo ha un odore un po' forte. Cabbage has a strong smell. Don’t you think so?
Next one. Oh next one, nothing, finito, finished. It’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed and please write down your favorite word. I forgot what the theme was. So please write down in the comments your favorite vegetables in Italian. If you don’t know the words, open the dictionaries, il dizionario, look it up for your words and write it down. I will be waiting for your comments. Ciao!