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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Hello, welcome to Italian weekly words and this is Ilaria. Let’s see today’s theme. Its hobbies Hobby. And the first word is:
1. calligrafia calligraphy
Mi piacerebbe seguire un corso di calligrafia. I would like to go to calligraphy class. By the way, my handwriting is very messy. I really need to go to a calligraphy class maybe. And the next word is:
2. ballare dance
Ogni sabato vado a ballare. Every Saturday, I go to dance. Do you like dancing? Next one, this one I love:
3. suonare uno strumento musicale play a musical instrument
Io so suonare uno strumento musicale. I can play a musical instrument, that’s true I actually can play piano and I started to study Piano when I was 7. I decided, I just really wanted so bad. Nice, can you play anything? Let me know hah. Next one:
4. disegnare to draw
I love to draw. Ogni giorno disegno tre ore. Every day, I draw for 3 hours. Not really, but I draw everywhere. In the train when I have some time I just draw, I love it.
5. navigare in internet surf the net
Is this a hobby? Prima di dormire navigo in internet. Before going to bed, I surf the net. That’s something really bad to do. Just go to bed immediately.
Next one is the end. I hope you enjoyed the Italian weekly words and see you next time, bye ciao ciao!