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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria, let’s go to the theme. Today’s theme is fruits, I love fruits frutta first word:
1. ananas pineapple
Ogni mattina per colazione mangio l'ananas. Every morning for breakfast, I eat pineapple. Do you eat fruits in the morning? I don’t eat pineapple by the way but I eat fruits, a lot of fruits. Next fruit will be:
2. arancia orange.
Le arance siciliane sono buonissime. Oranges from Sicily are very tasty.They are called like blood orange. They are the very red juicy, delicious oranges from Sicily, so delicious. Next word, this is my favorite fruit:
3. ciliegia cherry
Adoro le ciliegie! I love cherries. I can eat maybe I don’t know like 100 cherries in one time.
4. fragola strawberry
Mi piace mangiare le fragole con zucchero e limone. I like to eat strawberries with sugar and lemon. We actually eat fruits like this a lot in Italy right after meal and if you like it, a little bit of white wine too. It’s like that. It’s perfect dessert. Next fruit:
5. albicocca apricot
Adoro il succco di frutta all'albicocca. I love apricot juice.
Next word is the end fine! Did you enjoy today’s fruits? Let me know what’s your favorite fruit in Italy and of course in the comments, bye bye.