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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Hello, welcome to Italian weekly words. I am Ilaria. Let’s go to see what’s today’s theme. In the classroom. Nell’aula or nella classe.
1. compiti homework
L'insegnante mi ha dato tantissimi compiti. The teacher gave me a lot of homework. I remember, I really enjoyed to do my homework’s until maybe midnight. Yeah, I was kind of nerd. Next word is:
2. insegnante teacher
L'insegnate di latino è la mia preferita. Latin’s teacher is my favorite. Next word will be:
3. lezione class
Oggi ho fatto tardi a lezione. Today I was late for the class. In Italy, we don’t have a class system where you have to go to different class. You always actually stay in the same class from the morning till the afternoon. It’s very you know, convenient for the students, maybe less for the teachers.
4. libro di testo textbook
I libri di testo sono molto pesanti. Textbooks are really heavy, it’s very, very heavy. Next word, scary one:
5. esame test
Domani ho l'esame di italiano. Tomorrow, I have Italian exam. Next word is end fine.
We are done for today. Did you enjoy Italian weekly words? So let me know about your school life, everything related to school. Of course, in Italy, write as many words as you know in Italian here in the comments. I will be waiting, bye bye.