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Lesson Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian Weekly Words! Sono Ilaria. “This is Ilaria.” And today's theme is… school supplies.
1. quaderno “notebook”
In Italy, there are, of course, different types of quaderno. There is the one for mathematics, the one for Italian. When you buy, you see, if you only have stripes, that’s for writing Italian, for grammar, for Latin, anything related to humanistic stuff. The one where you have squares inside, of course, it’s for calculation, geometrics, anything, which is scientific. So this is the basic types of notebooks, humanities and scientific notebooks.
Il mio quaderno è molto disordinato. “My notebook is very messy.”
This one…
2. zaino “backpack”
Il mio zaino della scuola superiore era estremamente pesante. “My backpack at high school was extremely heavy.”
I remember, each book or maybe textbook was this thick probably. So heavy, like 5 kilos. I don’t remember. Ah, don’t tell me when we were bringing the Latin dictionary. Latin dictionary is something like this thick, this big, oh my God!
3. righello “ruler”
Devo ammettere, non so usare bene un righello. “I have to admit it, I cannot really use a ruler.”
I don’t know, it moves. Please, tell me how to use a ruler, I don’t know.
4. gomma per cancellare “eraser”
Or just gomma. Gomma actually means “gum”, but we don’t actually use gomma per cancellare, the whole expression, that much. When you’re at school, when you talk with your classmate and you just say, “Pass me the eraser.” Passami la gomma.
Da bambina mi piaceva tagliuzzare le gomme per cancellare. “When I was kid, I liked cutting very small pieces the erasers.”
I don’t know why. It’s a very nice sensation, very nice feeling when you cut through the eraser. Have you ever tried it? Try it.
5. forbici “scissors”
Attenzione, be careful. Forbici is always plural and it’s female, le forbici. But many people say la forbice using the singular form, but that’s incorrect actually. So, please always use the plural, le forbici, because there are two blades, that’s why it’s plural, okay?
Spesso uso le forbici per tagliare la verdura. “Often, I use scissors to cut vegetables.”
Yes, believe me, they’re so nice like very fast, you cut all the leaves. Try it, try it, and let me know.
“We’re done!” Abbiamo finito. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and see you next week. Alla prossima settimana. Ciao!