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Lesson Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian Weekly Words! This is Ilaria, and today's theme is...oh... I love this one, cooking, cucinare. “I love to cook.” Mi piace cucinare.
First word is…
1. sale “salt”
Recentemente uso il sale rosa dell'Himalaya. “Recently I've been using Himalayan pink salt.”
It’s delicious.
Next word is…
2. pepe “pepper”
Mi piace un pizzico di pepe sulla mia salsa al pomodoro. “I like a pinch of pepper on my tomato sauce.”
3. grigliata “barbecue”
We also actually use the word barbecue. We pronounce it barbecue just like this.
Mi piacciono le grigliate vicino al fiume. “I like barbecue by the river.”
4. ingrediente “ingredient”
Mi servono gli ingredienti per fare la pizza. “I need ingredients to make pizza.”
Do you know what are the ingredients? Write them down below in the comments, in Italian please.
5. saltare in padella “stir-fry”
We also use the expression soffriggere which is "stir-fry" when you fry something lightly just to prepare it for different preparation, for a sauce. For example, when you stir-fry the garlic, we can say soffriggere.
Mi piace saltare i funghi in padella prima di metterli nell'insalata. “I like stir-frying mushrooms before putting them into salad.”
By the way, saltare, the verb saltare means "to jump" because you make things, you know, jump in the fry pan.
No more cooking for today. Oh, I wanted to cook more. Okay, so, too bad, but see you next time. I hope you enjoy today’s episode and ciao! Alla prossima, ciao!