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Lesson Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian Weekly Words! This is Ilaria, and today's theme is tableware. Let's go to the first word.
1. bicchiere “drinking glass”
Ci sono molti tipi di bicchieri. “There are several types of glasses.”
In Italian, the word bicchiere is only for the cup, the drinking glass. Window glass will be vetro, so be careful.
Next word is…
2. teiera “teapot”
Adoro collezionare teiere. “I like to collect teapots.”
I love teapots.
3. tazza “cup”
Compro una tazza in ogni paese che visito. “I buy a cup in every country I visit.”
Some friends request me to buy them a cup whenever I go to different countries. Do you collect? Collezionate tazze?
4. caraffa “pitcher”
Gli italiani amano usare le caraffe di vetro in genere. “Italian people usually like to use pitchers made of glass.”
We like to see what’s inside, so glass pitcher.
5. mestolo “ladle”
I mestoli migliori sono fatti di acciao. “The best ladle are made of steel.”
In my opinion, of course, because you have to take, you know, very hot soups and hot things with it, so, steel is the best.
No more tableware for today. I hope you enjoyed and let me know which is your favorite tableware, which is your favorite kitchen item here in the comments. Ciao!