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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria, and today's theme is Food.
1. maiale “pork”
The word maiale in Italian is both for pork and for pig, the animal.
Le salsiccie di maiale italiane sono molto prelibate. “Italian pork sausages are very delicious.”
And you can find any type of sausage, you can, pig meat mixed with spinach, for example, or with mozzarella cheese inside the sausage, it's very delicious.
2. pane “bread”
Adoro il pane caldo. “I love warm bread.”
Ah! It’s so…
3. riso “rice”
I piatti a base di riso sono comuni della cucina del Nord-Italia. “Rice-based dishes are common of Northern Italy cuisine.”
Yes, actually in southern Italy we eat a lot of pasta, while risotto, you know risotto, right? They actually come from the north.
4. torta “cake”
Preparo sempre una torta per il mio compleanno. “I always make a cake for my birthday.”
5. dolce “sweets”
Un dolce italiano molto famoso è il tiramisù. “A very famous Italian sweet is tiramisù.”
Do you know it? Have you ever tried it? It’s so delicious plus it’s also very simple to make, you should try.
No more sweets for today, abbiamo finito. See you next time, ci vediamo la prossima volta!
And write down which is your favorite candy, I’ll be waiting. Ciao!


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