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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: [Ciao tutti] Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria and today’s theme is... look at me, look at me, “drinks”.

First drink is something I don’t drink even if I am Italian. It’s [caffè] - “coffee”.
[Non mi piace il caffè.] - “I don’t like coffee”. “What should I do?” - [Che posso fraci?]. It’s very rare actually. Italian people always love to have their coffee in the morning.

So next one is “beer”. Another thing I don’t drink. In Italian, it is [birra].
Be careful with the pronunciations [Normalmente con la pizza si beve la birra.] - “Usually in Italy, with pizza, you drink beer”. That’s like almost a set. Everyone wants to do that or coke probably. 

Nice... [succo di frutta] - “fruit juice”.
[Quando sono a casa preparo spesso succhi di frutta freschi.] - “When I am home, I often make fresh fruit juice”. Paradise! [Paradiso!]

[latte] - “milk”.
[Non mi piace il latte caldo.] - “I don’t like warm milk.” 

[tè] - What is it? “Tea”
my favorite drink probably on earth [Adoro il tè verde.] - “I love green tea”. Do you drink tea often?
We are done, no more drinks for today. So see you next time. I hope you enjoyed it, and oh! Don’t forget. Like always, write down in the comments which is your favorite drink? [Qual è la bevanda preferita?] Ci vediamo! Ciao!