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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: [Ciao] Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria and today’s theme is mammals [mammiferi]. 

Funny one, I’ll make the voice [BEEE!]. This is [pecora] - “sheep”. In Italy, sheep says [BEEE!] okay?
[Le pecore sono molto morbide.] - “Sheeps are very fluffy and soft”. 

This is a cute one, pink one. Can you guess? It’s the [maiale] - “pig”.
In Italy, we don’t actually have like a word for the pig’s voice actually. They just do the sound. So how do you spell it? Umm…
[I maiali quando sono piccoli sono molto carini.] - “Baby pigs are so cute.” 

Hah, this one is my favorite, absolutely favorite animal! [cavallo] - “horse”.
[I cavalli selvaggi sono bellissimi.] - “Wild horses are gorgeous.”
[pipistrello] - “bat”.
It’s funny, the English is so short and Italian so long [pipistrello]. Okay! [pipistrello].
[Molte persone hanno paura dei pipistrelli.] - “Many people fear bats”, do you? I don’t fear them actually. They are actually cute, cute mouse with some wings, very cute. 

[mucca] - “cow”.
In Italy, it is [MUUU!] actually [MUUU!] like [mu] - [MUUU!].
[Sulle Alpi ci sono molte mucche libere.] - “If you go to Italian Alps, there are a lot of free cows.” Yes, you can see them here and there like just crossing the streets and walking free in the cities.
No more mammals for today. So please write down in comments which is your favorite mammals. Here I am waiting! Scrivere nei commenti! Ciao ciao!
Either a lion or a gazelle.