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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria. Let’s see today’s theme. Oh jobs, Lavori first job is:
1. agente di polizia, Police officer
Da bambino mio fratello voleva fare il poliziotto. When he was a child, my brother wanted to be a police officer. Next one:
2. casalinga, housewife
Fare la casalinga è un vero lavoro. Being an housewife is a true real job. Next one:
3. contadino, farmer
Non molte persone voglione diventare contadini. Not so many people want to become farmers at least in Italy. Next job:
4. infermiera, nurse
Mia mamma è infermiera. My mother is a nurse. Next job will be:
5.programmatore, programmer
Fare il programmatore è un lavoro molto complicato. Being a programmer is a very complicated job.
Next word will be, oh it’s the last word. So we are done for today and I will be waiting for your comments. Write down your dream job. Qual è il vostro lavoro preferito? Please write it in Italian. Ciao!