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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! This is Ilaria and welcome to Italian weekly words. Today’s theme is months of the year. I Mesi.
1. aprile, April
In aprile inizia la primavera. In April, spring starts. No, this is a lie, sorry. We have a saying in Italy which goes Aprile dolce dormire. which means April sweet sleeping because they say you get sleepy in April with the spring and all the nice weather. Yeah people get sleepy, do you? Next one, oh December:
2. dicembre, December
Dicembre è il mese delle feste. December is the month of holidays. Yeah when you say December in Italy, it’s the end of school, the end of the year and everyone feels so in a holiday mood, so nice, very romantic.
3. febbraio, February
A febbraio c'è il Carnevale! In February, we have a carnival. Do you know it’s very famous in Italy, the Venice carnival? Very famous, I recommend you to go, absolutely.
Next month, prossimo mese… Oh, il mio mese, my month!
4. gennaio, January
Io sono nata a gennaio. I was born in January. Next month is one of my favorites,
5.giugno, June
Il clima a giugno è stupendo. The weather in June is wonderful, in Italy at least. I don’t know in your country but in Italy, June is one of the best months to visit, really special and oh, are we done?
There are more months I guess but we are done for today. So let me know in the comments when were you born. I am curious in Italian, please. Bye bye Ciao!