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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Ciao! This is Ilaria and welcome to Italian weekly words. Today’s theme is your face, la faccia. First word is:
1. bocca, mouth
Bocca bocca bocca bocca... Very basic sentence: Mio fratello ha una bocca grandissima. My brother has a very big mouth like big like wide really.
2. guancia, cheek
I bamibini hanno delle guance molto carine. Little kids have very cute cheeks, don’t you think. Next one is chin.
3. mento, chin
Il marito di mia sorella ha il doppio mento. My sister’s husband has a double chin, like this.
4. occhio, eye
Adoro gli occhi verdi. I love green eyes. All eyes are beautiful by the way. Next word is:
5. baffi, moustache
Mio nonno aveva i baffi. My grandfather had moustache. so funny oh my god
And finito! No more face’s parts and did we miss anything, no we have everything.
Okay so see you next time. I hope you enjoyed the video. Leave some comments, scrivere dei commenti, and see you next time, bye Ciao!