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Lesson Transcript

Ilaria: Hello welcome to Italian weekly words, I am Ilaria and this is the first time for me to do this weekly videos and let’s see what words are coming up today. I have no idea, this is the first time. Let’s go, let’s try. Okay today’s theme is tempo, il tempo the weather. Okay the very first word is:
1. neve snow
Neve neve neve... In Italia non ho mai visto la neve. In Italy, I had never seen snow because I am from Southern Italy and it really doesn’t snow in my city in Napoli. So have you ever seen the snow in your city? Let’s go to next one.
2. pioggia rain
Non mi piace la pioggia. I don’t like rain. Yes I really don’t like it because I don’t like to hold an umbrella. Next word is:
3. temporale thunderstorm
In Italia in inverno ci sono molti temporali. In Italy in winter, there are many thunderstorms. Winters in Italy is the season where it rains the most while summer is totally dry. Next word is:
4. tifone typhoon
Oh my god! I had never seen a typhoon in my life I think. In Italia non abbiamo tifoni. In Italy, there are no typhoons actually. Really I don’t know how it looks like. I have no idea. Is it scary?
5. sereno sunny
Oggi il clima è veramente sereno. Today the weather is very sunny.
Oh it’s the end. So did you enjoy the Italian weekly words? Let me know about the weather in your country and if you had been to Italy also what do you think about the weather in Italy. See you next time, bye bye Ciao!