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Lesson Transcript

Cinzia: Buongiorno a tutti.
Marco: Hello, Marco here. And welcome back to ItalianPod101.com, the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn Italian. I'm of course joined by…
Cinzia: Cinzia. Hello everyone, great to have you back.
Marco: This audio lesson is part two of our Introduction Series on ItalianPod101.com.
Cinzia: Now, please, don’t forget the audio lesson is just one part of our powerful language learning system.
Marco: In part one, we introduced you to our system and explained how you can use it to learn Italian at your own pace. We also showed you some of the system’s powerful tools and how they work together with the audio lessons. Today, we’re going to present another audio lesson and how to use some new system tools to master every aspect of this lesson.
Cinzia: In this lesson we learn how to make a perfect self-introduction in Italian.
Marco: That’s right - perfect. Don’t think it will work? We’re going to teach you how to make a first impression that wows by combining four parts of our system.
Cinzia: We mean really, really impress.
Marco: First, we’re going to introduce you to the phrases and break them down in this audio lesson.
Cinzia: Next, we’re going to show you how to use four powerful tools from our system to ensure you the perfect introduction and that it sticks.
Marco: So if you haven’t done so already, go to ItalianPod101.com and sign up for the free lifetime account. You’re going to need the free account to access the tools we’re going to use.
Cinzia: Because to perfect this lesson, you’re going to need the lesson notes, of course.
Marco: And several new tools - Line by Line Audio, the Voice Recording Tool, and the Review Track from the site. Used together, you’ll learn how to flawlessly introduce yourself in Italian and make it stick.
Cinzia: Okay, Marco. Let’s get into the lesson, shall we?
Marco: Yes, let’s do just that. What is the setting for this conversation?
Cinzia: This conversation is between two people meeting for the first time.
Marco: So they’ll be introducing themselves. And where does the conversation take place?
Cinzia: The conversation takes place at a café.
Marco: And the conversation is between a man and a woman on their first date.
Cinzia: Appuntamento, in Italian.
Marco: So, this is a dialogue that you can use whenever you meet someone for the first time. Here, we’ll be using polite language as the two are meeting for the first time. All right? Let’s listen to the conversation.
Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Cinzia. Piacere
Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Marco. Piacere
Marco: Okay, Cinzia, let’s talk a little bit about the etiquette when introducing yourself.
Cinzia: Great suggestion. When Italians meet, they shake hands or they kiss.
Marco: A kiss on the lips?
Cinzia: No, no. A kiss on the cheek. Actually, two kisses. One per cheek.
Marco: Okay, well, let’s take a closer look at some of the words and phrases in this lesson. What do we have first?
Cinzia: “Buongiorno”.
Marco: “Good day”. Can you break it down for us?
Cinzia: “Buongiorno. Buongiorno”.
Marco: And this is a polite way to say hello. It works during the day and in the afternoon, whenever you say “good day” in English, you should say “buongiorno” in Italian, but only during the day time. How about at night?
Cinzia: “Buonasera”.
Marco: “Good evening”.
Cinzia: “Buonasera. Buonasera”.
Marco: So, Cinzia, what do we have next?
Cinzia: “Mi chiamo Cinzia”.
Marco: “My name is Cinzia.” Let’s break it down and start with the first part. The first part is…
Cinzia: “Mi”
Marco: “Me”. In this case we can translate as “myself”. And immediately after there is…
Cinzia: “chiamo”
Marco: “Call”, “to call”. And the literal meaning would be “I call myself Cinzia”. And now can you introduce yourself again?
Cinzia: “Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Cinzia”.
Marco: Great. And if our listeners wanted to introduce themselves, they can just follow this pattern and simply just replace the name. So I can say “mi chiamo Marco”.
Cinzia: Great job. Okay, now lastly we have “Piacere”.
Marco: “Nice to meet you.” Can you break that down for us?
Cinzia: “Piacere. Piacere”.
Marco: “Piacere”. Great, so now you can introduce yourself again and add “nice to meet you”.
Cinzia: “Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Cinzia. Piacere”. Now, remember those other tools we were talking about?
Marco: The Line by Line Audio, Voice Recording Tool and Review Track.
Cinzia: Now we’re going to see why they’re so powerful. Let’s start with the Line by Line Audio.
Marco: One of our most powerful tools for improving pronunciation fast. It gives each line of the conversation with one click of a button, so you can listen to any phrase as many times as you need to.
Cinzia: You can hear us again and again.
Marco: Yes, with our Line by Line feature, you have the ability to rapidly improve your listening comprehension. Listen to the native Italian speakers in bite-sized sentence and phrases, so you can perfect every single aspect of your Italian listening comprehension. Then model them.
Cinzia: Model them?
Marco: Yes, repeat what you hear.
Cinzia: So listen to us and then repeat to perfect your pronunciation.
Marco: Then time to test your pronunciation with the Voice Recording Tool. This tool lets you record your voice right into your browser - all you need is a mic.
Cinzia: Even better, it’s on the same page.


Marco: Right! You can listen to the native Italian speakers, model them and then record your voice. Then you can compare it, side by side, to the native Italian speakers. This is the perfect way to compare your pronunciation with a native Italian speakers.
Cinzia: You can keep practicing and recording your voice. Listen and record, listen and record…
Marco: That’s right. You can keep recording until you refine your pitch and intonation, build your fluency and perfect your pronunciation.
Cinzia: I actually had fun recording my voice the first time.
Marco: Yeah. Hearing your voice for the first time is interesting. Hearing yourself speak another language is surreal. It’s pretty fun.
Cinzia: It’s also powerful, very powerful.
Marco: We mentioned one more tool, right?
Cinzia: Yes, and that is the Review Track.
Marco: The Review Track is a short one to two minute audio file with the key vocabulary and phrases from each lesson. Each word or phrase is followed by a short pause, giving you time to repeat the words aloud. Practicing aloud with proper pronunciation is one of the keys to fluency fast.
Cinzia: With these three tools, you will be speaking the words and phrases from each lesson fast.
Marco: To get these tools and see many more, visit ItalianPod101.com to get your free lifetime account and try the powerful tools mentioned in this lesson.
Cinzia: They also have another reason to visit our site.
Marco: What’s that?
Cinzia: Well, if you are interested in how to say your name in Italian, just stop by ItalianPod101.com and leave us a comment.
Marco: Great idea! We can help you there. Stop by and we’ll give you your name in Italian.
Cinzia: Our community, one of the strongest communities on Italian and Italy in general.
Marco: If you have any language questions, our teachers are always on the boards, answering questions and helping everyone practice their Italian. Also, we have a forum where you can talk about anything Italian and find other people who have similar interests as you do - Italian movies, Italian music, Italian food.
Cinzia: Italian history, art, etc.
Marco: So if you’re interesting in anything related to Italy, remember to stop by our forums. Just because you’re studying alone doesn’t mean that you’re alone. Our forum is one of the top destinations on the internet to find and talk about what you like about Italy. So I guess we’ll see our listeners at ItalianPod101.com.
Cinzia: Stop by and get your free lifetime account today. See you there. Arrivederci.
Marco: Now, here’s the short conversation one more time. Bye.
Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Cinzia. Piacere
Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Marco. Piacere

Dialogue - Formal

Review Track