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Lesson Transcript

Cinzia: Ciao. Hello and welcome to Learn Italian With Proverbs, brought to you by ItalianPod101.com. With us you are going to learn Italian and about Italian culture in a fun and interesting new way. Now, before we jump in, remember to stop by ItalianPod101.com and there you will find the accompanying PDF and additional info in the post. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment. Buongiorno a tutti and welcome to the third lesson of Impara l’Italiano con i Proverbi - Learn Italian With Proverbs. Ciao, sono Cinzia and I would like to welcome Marco.
Marco: Ciao a tutti.
Cinzia: Today's first proverb is “saperne una più del diavolo”. Marco, I think in the last lesson you mentioned this proverb. Didn't you?
Marco: Yes Cinzia, I did. Just while I was referring to you saying “tu ne sai una più del diavolo” – “you know one thing more than the devil”, meaning that you always surprise me because you are qualified and often well prepared, highly knowledgeable and in any situation you always know the right thing to say.
Cinzia: Oh, wow!
Marco: Oh my gosh! I can't believe I just said that. I was talking about you but trying to give an explanation of the meaning of the proverb.
Cinzia: See, Marco, you can't help it. I’m sure you always have me in your mind as your favorite point of reference.
Marco: Oh, oh, oh. This girl’s modesty is just endless.
Cinzia: Oh, come on, Marco, you know that it is the same to me. You're my focus, my reference point too. I love the way you work. You are so smart and well read, well educated. You...
Marco: Ah-ah-ah Dear listeners, be very, very careful. Because “quando il diavolo ti accarezza vuole l’anima” – “when the devil strokes you, he wants your soul.”
Cinzia: Hey, hey, hey, did I get it right? You’re associated me and the devil?
Marco: Well, it's not a secret that women and devil are very close to each other.
Cinzia: Oh, I can't believe this. Can’t you see me? I'm an angel.
Marco: Hm, an angel with horns. And anyway, you just make this proverb pop into my mind, “quando il diavolo ti accarezza vuole l’anima”, because it's used when a person want something from someone else, trying all the possible ways and flattering the other person.
Cinzia: Oh yes, this is very bad anyway. I couldn't do something like this, especially to you, my dear.
Marco: Hm, but anyway I think it's all for today's lesson. Do you have anything else to add, Cinzia?
Cinzia: No, you were perfect today.
Marco: Yea, okay. So thank you very much.
Cinzia: Okay, to close out today's lesson we'd like you to practice the proverbs you've just learnt. We provide you with the English equivalent of the proverbs and you're responsible for shouting it aloud. You’ll have a few second before we give you the answer.
Marco: To know one thing more than the devil.
Cinzia: “Saperne una più del diavolo. Saperne una più del diavolo. Saperne una più del diavolo”.
Marco: When the devil strokes you, he wants your soul.
Cinzia: “Quando il diavolo ti accarezza vuole l’anima. Quando il diavolo ti accarezza vuole l’anima. Quando il diavolo ti accarezza vuole l’anima”. Before we go away, remember that if you click the center button on your iPod you can see today's proverbs.
Marco: And please leave us a comment in the forum. Or just onto today's lesson post.
Cinzia: Grazie mille a tutti e alla prossima.
Marco: Ciao.
Cinzia: Ciao.

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