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Lesson Transcript

Cinzia: Ciao. Hello and welcome to Learn Italian With Proverbs, brought to you by ItalianPod101.com. With us you are going to learn Italian and about Italian culture in a fun and interesting new way. Now before we jump in remember to stop by ItalianPod101.com and there you will find the accompanying PDF and additional info in the post. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment. Buongiorno a tutti and welcome to the second lesson of Impara l’Italiano con i Proverbi - Learn Italian With Proverbs. Ciao Marco.
Marco: Ciao Cinzia. So, Cinzia, what is today's proverb?
Cinzia: Today’s first proverb is “l’apparenza inganna”. One I used to hear so often when I was young. Its translation in English is "appearances can be deceiving", and it means we often judge people by the way they appear the first time we meet them, but forget that under the surface there can be much more. Marco, have you ever heard this proverb?
Marco: Yes, of course. But actually I don't really agree with you, you know?
Cinzia: Why, what do you think?
Marco: This proverb says that we shouldn't stop just at the exterior appearance of the people, right?
Cinzia: Yes.
Marco: So, Cinzia, imagine that you are a manager of an important company and you're about to make an interview to replace your direct assistant. And you have two candidates - one is well dressed in a suit, shirt and tie...
Cinzia: That's you.
Marco: Mhm. And the other one is a long haired guy with two earrings and wearing jeans and a jumper.
Cinzia: That's my boyfriend.
Marco: At the first look you - don't make me laugh - at first look, who would you distinctively think is the best candidate?
Cinzia: I don't know. You sound just like my father when he used to try to keep me away from my boyfriend. Come on.
Marco: Yea, I can see that picture. Now we know your taste also.
Cinzia: Okay. But come on, I know what you mean but it is not always like that Marco. Sometimes beyond smart clothes and short hair, you can find someone who is insincere and fake. And on the contrary a long haired boy with piercings could hide the sharp personality and genuine qualities.
Marco: Hm, yeah sure. It can happen. That's why I am convinced that “fidarsi è bene, non fidarsi è meglio”.
Cinzia: Wow! Look what we have here - another proverb. So tell me, Marco, tell me its meaning.
Marco: Well, in English it can be translated as "to trust someone is good, not to trust is better.”
Cinzia: Oh, so you think that it’s better to be weary?
Marco: Yeah I think it is better to wait before giving our trust to someone and be always careful and ready to face the events, especially the bad ones.
Cinzia: But, wait a moment, if you have to be weary then you shouldn't stop at the appearances and shouldn't even trust a guy in his smart suit.
Marco: Ah, Cinzia, Cinzia… “ne sai una più del diavolo”.
Cinzia: Ah, shh. This is the proverb for our next lesson. So, “acqua in bocca”.
Marco: Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Cinzia: Okay, to close our today's lesson, we'll like you to practice the proverbs you have just learnt. We provide you with the English equivalent of the proverb and you're responsible for shouting it aloud. You’ll have a few second before we give you the answer.
Marco: Appearances can be deceiving.
Cinzia: “L’apparenza inganna. L’apparenza inganna. L’apparenza inganna”.
Marco: To trust someone is good, not to trust is better.
Cinzia: “Fidarsi è bene, non fidarsi è meglio. Fidarsi è bene, non fidarsi è meglio. Fidarsi è bene, non fidarsi è meglio”. So, it’s all for today's proverbs lesson.
Marco: Okay, for our listeners, remember to check out all our other lessons.
Cinzia: And also forum, Learning Center.
Marco: Yes, we have so much more on our website, but time is ticking away so....
Cinzia: Ciao a tutti e grazie.
Marco: Thank you everyone. A presto.

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