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Lesson Transcript

Cinzia: Buongiorno a tutti and welcome to the tenth lesson of Impara l’Italiano con i Proverbi.
Marco: Learn Italian With Proverbs. Ciao Cinzia.
Cinzia: Ciao mio caro Marco. How are you today?
Marco: I'm fine, thank you, and you?
Cinzia: Io molto bene, grazie. I am very well, thank you. And today since it is our last lesson with Italian proverbs for distance lesson cycle, I would like you to choose the first proverb.
Marco: Me? Why?
Cinzia: Come on. I want to know if there is a proverb you use as your personal mantra or something like that.
Marco: Mantra? No, I don't need that stuff.
Cinzia: Yea. I was guessing so. But there must at least be some sayings that you like.
Marco: There is one proverb that I've always liked for some reason. It just makes me laugh. And I just keep imagining the scene.
Cinzia: Oh, great! Which one is it?
Marco: “Voler la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca”.
Cinzia: I know this proverb. Actually it is quite funny now that you made me think about it.
Marco: Yes, because the literal meaning is "To want the barrel full and the wife drunk.” So it kind of brings out the image of a man who makes a good effort not to empty his valuable barrel of liquor, but wants desperately to have his wife more happy, so he tries to get her drunk.
Cinzia: Yeah, this is so funny. I've never thought about this proverb like that. So the idiomatic meaning should be something like "To have your cake and eat it"
Marco: Yes, exactly. It just means that even if you try hard you still can have everything at the same time. And besides, you can't consume something and hope that it never ends.
Cinzia: Yes, this is so true. But, by the way, talking about barrels, you reminded me about another funny proverb that I used to hear all the time while I was in high school.
Marco: High school?
Cinzia: Yes. Because a friend of mine actually - one of my best friends was so short and all our classmates used to make fun of her.
Marco: Oh, poor her.
Cinzia: Yes, but she used to shout at them “nella botte piccola c’è il vino buono” - which literally means "in the little barrel, there is the good wine".
Marco: And it’s so true. This proverb is especially useful when talking about short and thin people. They often prove to be stronger that they look. And not only that, but they can also surprise you with many other qualities.
Cinzia: Si, è proprio vero. It's definitely true. And the English equivalent is "good things come in small packages".
Marco: By the way Cinzia, do you like wine?
Cinzia: I love wine - red wine actually. What did you ask?
Marco: Because if you like wine, you should know that “in vino veritas”.
Cinzia: Oh, the Latin saying. Yes, I know. “Nel vino c’è la verità” – “Wine brings out the truth.” Actually, I don't think any other words can better describe the relationship between wine and man.
Marco: Yes. If you think about the past centuries, wine has always been the symbol of man's release - a way, we,, to reach both physical and mental freedom.
Cinzia: Oh yes in the Greek world, in fact, wine is symbolized by the divine figure of Dionysis, and it's represented by the Satyr, a mythological character, half man and half beast.
Marco: This is so interesting. And actually, many epic poems also talk about wine and people drinking wine while celebrating historical moments.
Cinzia: Yeah, for example L’Odissea, The Odyssey by Omero, Homer.
Marco: Let's take a look at today's vocabulary. First…
Cinzia: Volere.
Marco: To want, to wish.
Cinzia: Volere. Volere.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: La.
Marco: “The”, feminine singular.
Cinzia: La. La.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Botte.
Marco: Barrel.
Cinzia: Botte. Botte.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Piena.
Marco: Full.
Cinzia: Piena. Piena.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: E.
Marco: And.
Cinzia: E. E.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Moglie.
Marco: Wife.
Cinzia: Moglie. Moglie.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Ubriaca.
Marco: Drunk.
Cinzia: Ubriaca. Ubriaca.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Nella.
Marco: In the.
Cinzia: Nella. Nella.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Piccola.
Marco: Little.
Cinzia: Piccola. Piccola.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: C’è.
Marco: There is.
Cinzia: C’è. C’è.
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Il.
Marco: The.
Cinzia: Il. Il
Marco: Next word.
Cinzia: Vino.
Marco: Wine.
Cinzia: Vino. Vino.
Marco: And last word.
Cinzia: Buono.
Marco: Good.
Cinzia: Buono. Buono.
Cinzia: And so that's all for today's lesson.
Marco: Brava, Cinzia. I really enjoyed this last lesson. Thank you, and let's tell all our listeners that we will soon have a new project for them.
Cinzia: Yes I am sure we won't let them down. And I am sure we will have more surprises for them. Ciao e grazie a tutti.
Marco: Thank you. See you soon.

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