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Monday at 6:30 pm
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How do you celebrate the arrival of the New Year in your country?

Wednesday at 4:11 pm
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Ciao Joe DeFelice,

Thank you for posting. Grazie per il commento!

If you have questions, feel free to let us know.

A presto!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Joe DeFelice
Wednesday at 10:38 am
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Excellent Beginning

Tuesday at 10:04 am
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Hi Jasmine,

Thank you for sharing the English Chrsitmas traditions with us!

Please feel free to post more :smile:

If you have questions, let us know.



Team ItalianPod101.com

Sunday at 8:41 pm
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Here in England,people usually start defrosting their turkey's,or sometimes the day before christmas eve,then we cook them (usually on christmas day,sometimes on christmas eve to save time),it is traditional to have roast turkey,sage and onion stuffing,roast potatoes and vegetables like roasted parsnips or more commonly,roasted carrots. People will go to pubs,or christmas parties that are on ear them,or family and friends will get together and go somewhere nice for the day. It is traditional that at christmas,if someone is in a relationship,that they get a piece of mistletoe and kiss under it. People sit at the table with family or friends (more commonly,with family) and the food is served up by whoever is cooking,we all sit and eat at the table,we also wear christmas hats and pull christmas crackers,basically christmas crackers are sold around christmas time and two people pull either end of the cracker and whoever wins,gets the prize that is found inside of the cracker,this is usually where the christmas hats are found also. I could go on forever with English christmas traditions but I won't otherwise I'd be writing a whole book about it. Hope this explained a lot.

Wednesday at 9:19 pm
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Hello Guilherme

Thank you for your comment and feedback.

We really appreciate it :smile:

Let us know if you have questions regarding our lessons.


Team ItalianPod101.com

Saturday at 2:21 am
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Here in Brazil we do the same things as in Italy. This is because the italian and portuguese culture had an important influence through the history of my country, Brazil. Every New Year's Day the families in Brazil gather around to have dinner and talk a lot.

Thanks for the oportunity to share with you a little of my culture too.

Congratulations for the excellent work, ItalianPod101.com!

Tuesday at 12:25 pm
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Hello Alfredo,

That is nice to know! :smile: One year from now, we expect to hear about your New Year's celebration. :grin:

Thanks for posting!


Team ItalianPod101.com

Friday at 3:28 pm
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Excellent info. As an Australian born Italian, I did not know this. Definitely will be adding this to my next NYD 2015/16 !